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  1. Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    Raffles City Chongqing, China Height: 355m (tallest) Floors: 79 (tallest) Function: Mixed Use Architect: Safdie Architects Completion: 2019 By 百慕大橘子 from By 张坤琨 from
  2. Rate Our Talls: 250-299 meters
    Corporate Avenue Chongqing, China 255.8m/839ft 47 floors Office Chongqing Architecture and Design Institute; Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates 2014
  3. Rate Our Talls: 250-299 meters
    Oriental Plaza Chongqing, China 262m/860ft 56 floors Mixed Use Arquitectonica 2016 by 让拖鞋飞
  4. Rate Our Talls: 250-299 meters
    HNA & POLY International Centre Chongqing, China 287m/943ft 61 floors East China Architectural Design & Research Institute Office, Hotel, Retail 2013 photo from CTBUH originally posted by RockAss
  5. Rate Our Talls: 250-299 meters
    United Int'l Mansion Chongqing, China 287m/943ft 67 floors Chongqing Architecture and Design Institute Office 2013 photo from CTBUH
  6. Rate Our Talls: 250-299 meters
    Yingli IFC Chongqing, China 288m/945ft 58 floors AECOM; China Building Technique Group Co., Ltd. Office 2012 photo from CTBUH
  7. Rate Our Talls: 250-299 meters
    Concord International Centre Chongqing, China 290m/951ft 64 fl Gensler; Chongqing Architecture and Design Institute Hotel, Office, Retail 2017 by K351642692
  8. Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    Chongqing International Finance Square T1 (The Wharf IFC T1) Chongqing, China Height: 316m/1038ft Floors: 63 Function: Office, Hotel Architect: Benoy; Chongqing Architecture and Design Institute; Wong Tung & Partners Completed: 2016 from CTBUH
  9. Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    Chongqing World Financial Center Chongqing, China Height: 339m/1112ft Floors: 72 Function: Office, Hotel Architect: C.Y. Lee & Partners Architects/Planners; Dayuan Architecture Design Consulting Completed: 2015 photos from CTBUH
  10. Asia and Australia
    The Century Emperor South Chongqing, China HEIGHT: 196m/653feet 142m/473feet FLOORS: 47floors/??fl COMPLETION: 2009 ARCHITECT: ?
  11. DN Archives
  12. Asia and Australia
    International Trade Center Chongqing, China HEIGHT: 161m/540feet FLOORS: 43floors COMPLETION: 2006 ARCHITECT:: ?
  13. Skyscrapers
  14. Asia and Australia
    Changjiang International Chongqing, China HEIGHT: 195m/650 feet FLOORS: 48 floors COMPLETION: 2009 ARCHITECT: ?
  15. Asia and Australia
    Jahoo Hong Kong City Chongqing, China HEIGHT: 210m/704feet FLOORS: 56 floors COMPLETION: 2008 ARCHITECT: ?
  16. Asia and Australia
    Sheraton International Business Center Chongqing, China HEIGHT: 218mx2 FLOORS: 42flx2 COMPLETION: 2010 ARCHITECT: ?
  17. Asia and Australia
    Kempinski Hotel Chongqing, China HEIGHT: 220m FLOORS: 54fl COMPLETION: 2012 ARCHITECT: ? By feipeng8865
  18. Asia and Australia
    Xinhua International Building Chongqing, China HEIGHT: 238m/781 feet FLOORS: 53 floors COMPLETION: 2011 ARCHITECT: ?
  19. Asia and Australia
    Paradise by the River Chongqing, China HEIGHT: 207m/679 feet FLOORS: 54 floors COMPLETION: 2005 ARCHITECT: ?
  20. Rate Our Talls: 250-299 meters
    Lanko International Conference Complex Chongqing, China HEIGHT: 258m/163m/142m/846feet/535feet/466feet FLOORS: 52floors/45floors/?floors COMPLETION: 2010 ARCHITECT: ? by 小序 by tokyan...
1-20 of 39 Results