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  1. The World Trade Center
  2. Highrises
    A new highrise for Brooklyn's Clinton Hill neighborhood, not far from the Pacific Park megadevelopment. High-rise tower next door to historic Clinton Hill church approved by City Planning Commission
  3. Architecture
    Situated in the middle of Barcelona and thronged by millions, Sagrada Familia is a masterpiece from the brilliant mind of Antoni Gaudi. The Basílica I Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família is a Roman Catholic church, having a rich history of over 100 years. Though the church has an...
  4. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Piedmont Italy shot in 5K with a DJI Inspire 2 Drone and a Zenmuse X5S with a 15mm lens. Locations include the town of Viarigi, a comune in the Province of Asti in the Italian region Piedmont, located about 50 kilometres east of Turin and about 15 kilometres northeast of Asti. Also filmed the...
  5. United States Urban Issues
    "Mass mobs", or flash mobs, are breathing life into inner-city churches that have numbers steadily dwindling. Mass mobs have been popping up in Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus OH; Covington KY, Detroit, Fairfield County CT, Kansas City MO, Manchester NH, New Orleans, New York City...
  6. Heritage Buildings & Monuments
    Church of Saint Andrew St Andrews English Church Tangier par jonesmonster, sur Flickr The Church of Saint Andrew is an Anglican church in Tangier, Morocco, consecrated in 1905 In 1880, Hassan I of Morocco donated land to the British community in order to build a small Anglican church in...
  7. Projects & Construction
    Для новой мечети была когда-то создана собственная тема. А в этой теме, думаю, можно будет обсуждать все остальные культовые здания города. Правда, строек и проектов как таковых было обнаружено только четыре (вместе с мечетью на горе).
  8. Classic Architecture
    Main view of the monastery and church, with the San Francisco Square in front of them. The San Francisco Church is the biggest architectural complex of all the Americas historic centers. With six cloisters, a big major temple, one additional church, dozens of chapels and various gardens, this...
  9. Design & Lifestyle
    Stained glass windows are best seen from the inside, obviously, so a thread on stained glass windows seems most appropriate in here. Feel free to post pictures of stained glass windows in churches or other places, talk about who designed the windows or some artistic influences, or anything else...
  10. Kochi
    This thread is to discuss religious institutions, monuments and places of worships in the City of Kochi. Please post pics, legends/myths attached to such institutions as well as your experiences here.
  11. Industrial Ages
    Located in the heart of the city, The Redeemer Church (or Notre Dame Cathedral) is a "must-see" place for travelers, Vietnamese and foreign alike, on their tours to Hue City.
  12. Portafolio de proyectos completados
    Calle hacia Ciudad Nueva, Portal del Bosque, Mateo... disculpen la mala calidad de imagen... Area de construccion desde lejos
  13. Newcastle Metro Area
    Religious Buildings and other places - Listed in below extract from the Forum Index Thread. Setting up the new "Newcastle and the North East - Religious Buildings & Other Religious Places" thread . . . The below Index Thread Extract, from letters "S", "C", "J" and "W", shows links to some...
  14. Инфраструктура
    Основными религиозными конфессиями в городе являются православное христианство (Русская православная церковь) и ислам. Уфа является местом пребывания центральных органов и муфтия Центрального Духовного управления мусульман России и Европейских стран СНГ . Православные храмы: Спасский храм (в...
1-15 of 25 Results