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  1. CINCINNATI - FC Cincinnati Stadium (25,000)

    Under Construction
  2. CINCINNATI l 8th and sycamore l 73m | 236ft | 15 FL | U/C

    Midwest and Plains Development News
    $52 Million Residential Tower Appears Poised to Move Forward at Eighth and Sycamore
  3. CINCINNATI l 4th and Race l 14 FL | U/C

    Midwest and Plains Development News
    Cincinnati to demolish Pogue's Garage, build 30-story tower
  4. Cincinnati | Sky house | 25fl | Approved

    Midwest and Plains Development News
    Panel OKs $90M riverfront apartment tower concept
  5. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (March 2014) Phototour

    Urban Showcase
    Hey guys! I visited the gorgeous city of Cincinnati, Ohio for the first time ever in March 2014 and I had an awesome time! Cincinnati is the third largest city in Ohio (300,000 population), but is home to the largest metro in the state at over 2.2 million. I toured many areas of the Queen City...
  6. Great American Tower | CINCINNATI | 201m | 40fl

    North and South America
    Great American Tower Cincinnati, United States HEIGHT: 201m/659feet FLOORS: 40 floors COMPLETION: 2011 ARCHITECT: ? Great American Tower por jdhunt, no Flickr Great American Tower por Hannaford, no Flickr Great American Tower por xannixon, no Flickr Great American Tower por Hannaford...
  7. Southwest Ohio daytrip, covering as much as possible

    Midwest and Plains
    These are my shots from a ColDay-guided tour of Cincinnati and a little bit of Dayton. There's so much to see in both cities, in terms of architecture, neighborhoods, etc.; I'll definitely be coming back to Southwest Ohio since one day doesn't do it justice. This trip was a good start as I was...
  8. Cincinnati, Ohio.

    Midwest and Plains
    My photos from Cincinnati, Ohio. Sept 8, 2010 9:45 a.m. Ich bin Stolz Deutscher-Amerikaner zu sein! ^^ Race Street ^^ Elm Street More to come later....
  9. CINCINNATI Gallery

    Midwest and Plains
    Click to Enlarge Courtesy of jerekeys Crosley Radio Factory
  10. Cincinnati Factory | Kingsbury Road | Erdington | Residential | Demo/New Build | Comp.

    Completed Projects
    I have been a long time lurker on this site and have finally got round to registering. So, can anyone help? I drove past the Cincinnati-Lamb factory on the Kingsbury Road and there is a sign saying it’s been acquired by Urban Splash. Does anybody know the answer to two things: 1: Do they...
  11. Cincinnati Development News

    Midwest and Plains Development News
    After the long delayed project that has kept the city in county bunting heads for almost a decade ... we are finally seeing approval, financing details and have a ground-breaking set for early next year! I will try to keep this thread updated and the renderings coming as they become finalized...
  12. The Midwest - Estados Unidos da América

    Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    A Região Centro-Oeste dos Estados Unidos da América (Midwestern region of the United States of America ou Midwest), também chamada Meio-oeste, é uma das quatro regiões geográficas reconhecidas pelo Departamento do Censo dos Estados Unidos. A região abrange a porção central do norte...
  13. Cincinnati - USA

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