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  1. Urban Showcase
    My Urban World banner skyscrapercity by Vincent Christiaan Alblas, on Flickr In this thread I'm going to show you all those fine places I visited on this great planet of ours. I hope you'll enjoy viewing and reading. Comments are welcome. :) The content of this thread thus far: Pages 1 - 51 ...
  2. Urban Showcase
    In this thread I will post my photos from different places in Europe - it will be mostly urban, but also rural places. Similarly as I do here: Hope it will be interesting for you. We start today with... 1. Place De La Concorde in Paris.
  3. United States Urban Issues
    American Cities Vs. Asian Cities; Which do you prefer? American meaning the United States Asian meaning East/SE Asia I prefer Asian cities over American cities because of their high density and out-look on the future. Most American cities are too suburban; all it does is kills the potential...
  4. Miasta polskie
    Tegoroczne wakacje przyniosły za sobą pewne inwestycje, nie ukrywam w sprzęt fotograficzny, stąd też powstaje ten wątek. W celu promocji Włocławka, ale także w celu wypróbowania nowego aparatu. Mam nadzieję, że wątek się spodoba i zniknie ten stereotyp, że Włocławek to tylko patologia i...
  5. Citytalk and Urban Issues
    Hello city lovers I have just landed myself a good job somewhere close to Frankfurt. As I have stayed in Sydney,London,Sanfran, I am bit hesitant how this city be for an immigrant not speaking German. How is the nightlife, friendliness, social elements etc compared to other cities, is it vibrant...
  6. Norte
    Fotos de pequenas Cidades da Amazônia. (by reyson silva) 01- Nhamundá AM 02- São Paulo de Olivença AM 03- Canutama AM 04- Juruá AM 05- Maraã AM 06- Jutaí AM 07- Santo Antonio do Iça AM 08- Ipixuna AM 09- Lábrea AM (by arnoldo costa) 10- Chaves PA (by mario veloso) 11-...
  7. Newcastle Metro Area
    CALLERS FURNITURE STORE on Northumberland Street was destroyed in a huge fire on 30th November 1969, but was re-built on the exact same spot and re-opened in 1971 . . . For those of you who do not know about this famous Newcastle store, the name of the shop was pronounced ‘CAllers’ and not...
  8. General Photography
    Pictures of animals in urban scenery from around the world... All pictures welcomed... Enjoy... :)
  9. The Urban Tourist and Much More
    Adelaide Brisbane Canberra Darwin Gold Coast Hobart Melbourne Perth Sydney
  10. City Images, Architecture & Historic themes
    Adelaide Brisbane Canberra Darwin Gold Coast Hobart Melbourne Perth Sydney
  11. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    Adelaide Brisbane Canberra Darwin Gold Coast Hobart Melbourne Perth Sydney
  12. Photos
    I will use this thread to post different pictures I take on random trips. Those trips may be me walking some streets of Oslo and the greater Oslo-area, and they may be me on trips to other destionations that can be all around the globe. Most pictures will be of an urban character, though. I...
  13. General Photography
    Couldn't see a thread for one of the most picturesque places on earth so here's a thread just for it. I'll start you guys off...
  14. The Urban Tourist and Much More
    I opened this post so that you can name your 10 Top cities you've visited and the Top 10 you'd like to visit Top 10 Visited 1. Rome 2. Barcelona 3. Paris 4. Johannesburg 5. Lisbon 6. Venice 7. Florence 8. Durban 9. Oporto 10. Geneve Top 10 like to visit 1. Cape Town 2. Sydney 3. Toronto 4. New...
  15. Showcase Gallery
    Tidel Park Signal Perungudi Skyline MRC Nagar Skyline Thiruvanmiyur South Chennai Skyline & MRTS
  16. Ciudades | Demografía, territorio y urbanismo
    Todas las zonas que conozcas en tu ciudad con algo de particular (no necesariamente algo bueno), es decir, que tengan ambiente gay, multirracial y todo lo que se os ocurra! :D
  17. General Photography
    Do I have to say more?? :nuts: Everybody can post photos in this thread of our gorgeous country!! But please only one a day, and if you put some information, it's better :) (most of the photos i'll post are from flickr) Well, let start!! Perito Moreno Glacier It's located in Santa Cruz...
  18. Fényképek
    Miskolc -Fortress of Diósgyőr Nyíregyháza Debrecen Szeged Pécs Keszthely Zalaegerszeg Sopron Győr Esztergom and at last,but not least, the capitol: Budapest Thank you for your time and checking out my little country!
  19. Indian Cityscapes & Townscapes
    We will check out some of the google earth images of various towns and cities of India
  20. Arquitectura y Discusiones Urbanas
    Yo creo que en el costado occidental (vía a santa fe de antioquia), es donde se aprecia mejor la Medellín propiamente dicha. Se podría decir que se ve casi en su totalidad: (Está un poquito viejita). También me gusta la panorámica que se observa cuando uno viene por la vía las palmas; lo...