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  1. Completed Projects
    13/00630/SCR | Screenig opinion for the outline planning application for the demolition of existing structures and redevelopment for up to 232 dwellings and associated landscaping, access and engineering works. | Eagle Helicopters Newcastle City Heliport Skinnerburn Road Newcastle upon Tyne NE4...
  2. Newcastle Metro Area
    Yes best seen from the Cloth Market end, not the ahem gentleman's club. This is an image which dates back to circa 2000 and it may have changed since then? Image hosted on There is an excellent image courtesy of White Hart Yard courtesy of Jim Cocker...
  3. Newcastle Metro Area
    Newcastle - Grand Development Plans over the years Many and various "Grand Plans" for areas of Newcastle, have appeared in the various Historic threads on this forum, in the past. They have appeared (principally) within the Historic Newcastle and the Newcastle as it Might Have been threads...
  4. Newcastle Metro Area
    This thread can be used to post small developments in the city centre that aren't big enough yet (though that could change as the project develops) to warrant their own thread and could easily fly 'under the radar' as a result. I'll start off with the refurbishment of Forth House into a Chinese...
  5. Newcastle Metro Area
    Over the past 10 years there has been a significant growth in the number of flats built in the city centre, which has brought with it a vibrant community. More people wanting to live in the City Centre has helped to make sure buildings which might have stayed vacant are now being used...
  6. Birmingham Metro Area
    Ok here goes, this is my first thread and due to popular demand :yes: I've decided to make it about my home town, specialist subject on Mastermind and newest member of the Greater Birmingham family :- Telford. This is the place to come if you like it, if you hate it or if you just wanna ask a...
  7. Sheffield Metro Area
    I thought that there's no point having a new thread for every lot of appartment's proposed, so here's a general thread for them. I'll start it off with this huge proposal on Roscoe Road/Hoyle Street:
  8. ECOWAS Countries
    Le Grand Marché Près du Petit Marché La mosquée de Niamey A scene not so far away from the city
1-10 of 10 Results