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  1. Manhattan
    Reveal for 267 Broadway, 42-Story Mixed-Use Tower Coming to Tribeca
  2. DN Archives
    A new tower is in the works in the Financial District: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I previously reported (months ago) that the buildings formerly...
  3. Netanya and Sharon
    NETANYA מגדל העירייה City Hall Tower Architecture competition winner for the design of the new city hall complex
  4. City Images, Architecture & Historic themes
    This past weekend marked the rededication and reopening of Brisbane's City Hall. The only City Hall of any capital city in the country, the iconic building had been closed since January 2010 to undergo much needed restoration work – the building had been plagued by crumbling structural concrete...
  5. Newcastle Metro Area
    Since this particular site looks highly likely to be sold off, I thought it might be pertinent to create a thread specifically about what is quite an iconic building in the centre of our city, and about what may become of it (whether converted into some other use, or torn down as a likely prime...
  6. Southeast
    Not a battle actually.....but a good forum to show off your city hall, regardless if you live in Atlanta or Hamlet, NC (just a reference lol). I've always like seeing the administrative heart of the city, so here's your chance to show off! :) For fun, I threw in a poll of the 'major' cities...
  7. Tallinn
    winning design in the 2009 international competition, a cooperation between bjarke ingels group, adams kara taylor and allianss arhitektid. project leaders: bjarke ingels & jakob lange. more information + design concepts can be seen here.
  8. Rate-a 'Scraper
    On SkyscraperNews Simon K's Photostream on Flickr I think, it's the nicest town hall in the country myself. It's setting within the town is perfect. It's art deco styling is just right, the lobby is stunning. It still has many original features including wrought iron lifts!
  9. Architecture
    What about world's tallest city halls?
  10. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    So guys which one you think is the best Town Hall in UK BIRMINGHAM (Split between two building) MANCHESTER LEEDS GLASGOW CARDIFF SHEFFIELD
  11. Ciudades | Demografía, territorio y urbanismo
    Pues eso , creo que sería interesante poner fotos de diferentes Ayuntamientos , así que ir poniendo fotos vuestra Casa Consistorial ( si queréis también de su entorno) y al final elegiremos el mejor . Empiezo yo Gijón-Xixón:
  12. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    Nova York | New York - Estados Unidos da América Nova Iorque ou Nova York (em inglês: New York) é a cidade mais populosa dos Estados Unidos e o centro da Região Metropolitana de Nova Iorque, uma das áreas metropolitanas mais populosas do mundo. É também a terceira cidade mais populosa da...
1-12 of 12 Results