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  1. Łódzkie, Mazowsze, Podlasie
    To stare miasto z nietuzinkowymi jak na region aglomeracji łódzkiej zabytkami ,które przed "eksplozją rozwojową" łodzi na przełomie XIX i XX wieku było silnym ośrodkiem w regionie zwłaszcza podług pobliskiej nie wielkiej wówczas osady łódź.. Do XVIII wieku miasto było ponoć najcenniejszym...
  2. Video Showcase
    I am slowly starting my adventure with shaping accelerated shots. I live in Łódź, a Polish city that developed the fastest in Europe during the Belle epoque (19th / 20th century). Finally, the city of Pabianice in the Łódź agglomeration;
  3. Video Showcase
    Landing at St. Louis Lambert International Airport Walking the streets of St. Louis
  4. Uttar Pradesh & Uttarakhand
    Thread on Ayodhya Projects and Discussion
  5. DSC_4644.JPG

    Thorbeckegracht te Zwolle.
  6. South (Nam)
    Aqua City là siêu dự án khu đô thị sinh thái thông minh với ba mặt giáp sông, quy mô lên đến 1.000ha. Dự án dành đến 70% diện tích cho cảnh quan, hạ tầng và các tiện ích nội khu hiện đại. Có thể kể đến trường học, bệnh viện theo tiêu chuẩn quốc tế, trung tâm thương mại, bến du thuyền 5 sao, khu...
  7. Somalia
    Go Somalia offer you Somali culture and information related to tourist and picturesque areas, for those interested in Somali culture and traveling to #Somalia Their Facebook page: Twitter : Instagram ...
  8. Guess the City
    Silhouettes add a level of guessing challenge by obscuring the finer details of buildings in a skyline. Rules: Only silhouettes are allowed. Bright backdrop, shadowy subjects. Posts don't need to be the entire skyline. The darker the object of the photo, the better. Starting off with an easy one:
  9. Bandung
    Kota Baru Parahyangan or KBP is a planned city located at Bandung Barat, West Java, Indonesia. It is developed with the vision and spirit as a City Of Education. Total land area of the township is 1,250 hectares including land for 200 hectares of lakes. The whole masterplan expected to be...
  10. Citytalk and Urban Issues
    I wasn't sure whether to put this on the skyscraper forum or this forum, but as this is related to just construction in general I'll post it here for now. A while ago I thought about a way to measure the size of a skyline empirically and objectively, quite similar to the "skyline ranking" point...
  11. Skyscrapers
    Hey all I thought I’d share with you a video that I decided to document during the current time so can look back and say, wow we lived through that. We were there If you like abandoned cities and stuff this is Birmingham like you’ve never seen it before, would be great if you could check it out...
  12. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    Djibouti O Djibouti, oficialmente República do Djibouti, é um pequeno país do nordeste de África, limitado a norte pela Eritreia, a leste pelo estreito de Bab el Mandeb, pelo Golfo de Áden e pela Somália e a sul e oeste pela Etiópia. A capital é Djibuti. O país está localizado na África...
  13. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    O Belize é um pequeno Estado soberano pertencente à comunidade das Caraíbas, situado na costa nordeste da América Central, e onde o inglês é língua oficial, apesar de o crioulo belizenho e de o castelhano serem comumente falados. O Belize é limitado a norte pelo México, a leste pelo golfo de...
  14. Newcastle Metro Area
    Hello All Members Welcome to the Official City Council Q&A Thread This new thread is something unique, something very new to this forum. Here on the forum we regularly discuss (often in great detail) the many and varied issues and subjects of interest to us from around ‘Newcastle and the...
  15. Skyscrapers
    I've seen a lot people calling supertall skyscrapers unnecessary. Some people think that those tall skyscrapers are useless to our society. Are you agree with them?
  16. Citytalk and Urban Issues
    Hey guys, So I don’t know if this is the right place to post this apologies if it’s not. Basically I run an architecture website aiming to track skyscraper, building and construction projects in cities across the world. Very simple, you select a city and you can see a grid of buildings being...
1-17 of 319 Results