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  1. Oran
    Nouvelle ville d'Oran : 1.400 hectares seront consacrés au projet Source: Quotidien d'Oran
  2. Almaty City and Metro Area
    В Алматы презентовали обновленный генплан города
  3. Tehran
  4. Essen
    Das Thyssen- oder auch als Rheinstahl-Haus genannte 22 geschossige und rund 80m hohe Hochhaus in der Essener Innenstadt wurde an das Unternehmen Fakt AG verkauft. Dieses plant das 1961 errichtete Hochhaus sanieren und neu vermieten. Das seit Beginn des Jahres leerstehende Hochhaus war eines der...
  5. Duisburg
    In der Duisburger Altstadt die zuvor als Parkplatz genutzten Brachflächen zwischen der Steinsche und Müllersgasse, sowie der Beekstraße und der Marienkirche soll einer neuen Nutzung zugeführt und bebauut werden. Dort sollte ursprünglich das seit einigen Jahren geplante Gesundheitszentrum...
  6. Regional Cities
    Уральск Построено: ЖК «Степной леопард» – 2х16 | ул. Сырыма Датова Общее количество зданий – 2 Строится: Общее количество зданий - 0 Приостановлено: Общее количество зданий – 0 Проект: Общее количество зданий – 0 Отменено: Общее количество зданий – 0 Шымкент Построено: ЖК «Казахстан» –...
  7. Regional Cities
    Актау Построено: ЖК «Оазис» - 1х24 | 15 микрорайон 69 Общее количество зданий: 1 Актобе Построено: ЖК «Актобе́ Ажары́» - 3х25 | 11 микрорайон Общее количество зданий: 3 Атырау Построено: Marriott Executive Apartments - 1x20 | ул. Сатпаева 2 Общее количество зданий: 1 Шымкент...
  8. The Construction Forum
    The Penny Brook Stratford E20 Planning application: London Legacy Development Corporation 15/00041/REM Development Facts Site: Plot N17, Zone 3, Stratford City, London E20 Developer: Union Hanover Securities Architect: Grzywinski + Pons Architects Hotel rooms: 249 (Penny Brook) and 137...
  9. Completed projects
    Glasshouse Gardens Stratford E20 Official website: Planning application: London Legacy Development Corporation 13/00409/REM Development Facts Developer: Lend Lease and LCR Architect: Allies and Morrison Height: 95m and 76m Floors: 30 and 17 Homes: 333 -
  10. Architecture
    I want to know... what are some really interesting architectural cities across the world?
  11. Nairobi Metro Region lets hope at least one of the structures will be over 30 floors.
  12. Around the World
    City of Melbourne profile Melbourne is the world's most liveable city, again
  13. Milwaukee
    Pictures from Milwaukee.
  14. Urban Environment
    В Алматы в 20 подъездах жилых домов установили складные пандусы
  15. Speakers' Corner
    For news and discussion on London's flagship financial sector.
  16. General Kenya
    Eldo City Eldoret Kenya Total area: 500 acres Residential plots: 803 Health centres: 1 Club houses: 1 Schools: 1 Parks: 2
  17. Beyond Australia & New Zealand
    I came across these pictures in another thread. It sure seems like a beautiful and charming place, not to mention quite exotic and unique from our perspective. Certainly a lot bigger and more modern looking than I had pictured it to be. I've heard that it has undergone some very rapid...
  18. Ontario
    After many delays, construction has finally started on the new City Centre Condo Tower project in downtown Kitchener. Here's a couple of renderings: Source: Source...
  19. Midwest and Plains
    Hey guys, Continuing with the Detroit leg of my Summer 2013 Midwest U.S. trip, here's the fourth part of my second day in Detroit, focusing on Midtown and the Woodward Avenue corridor of the soon-to-start-construction M-1 Streetcar Line. I took time to bowl in the oldest continuously used...
  20. Negev
    Dimona, Uzan at Dimona 12 Units LOCATION: East from ben gurion park. Ela street. STATUS: COMPLETED by Uzan Brothers.