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  1. Speakers' Corner
    For news and discussion on London's flagship financial sector.
  2. General Kenya
    Eldo City Eldoret Kenya Total area: 500 acres Residential plots: 803 Health centres: 1 Club houses: 1 Schools: 1 Parks: 2
  3. Beyond Australia & New Zealand
    I came across these pictures in another thread. It sure seems like a beautiful and charming place, not to mention quite exotic and unique from our perspective. Certainly a lot bigger and more modern looking than I had pictured it to be. I've heard that it has undergone some very rapid...
  4. Ontario
    After many delays, construction has finally started on the new City Centre Condo Tower project in downtown Kitchener. Here's a couple of renderings: Source: Source...
  5. Midwest and Plains
    Hey guys, Continuing with the Detroit leg of my Summer 2013 Midwest U.S. trip, here's the fourth part of my second day in Detroit, focusing on Midtown and the Woodward Avenue corridor of the soon-to-start-construction M-1 Streetcar Line. I took time to bowl in the oldest continuously used...
  6. Negev
    Dimona, Uzan at Dimona 12 Units LOCATION: East from ben gurion park. Ela street. STATUS: COMPLETED by Uzan Brothers.
  7. Negev
    Dimona, Civil Centre Renewal STATUS: Under Renovation By Armon Architects.
  8. Negev
    Dimona, Meshi 2 3 Units, 7-5 Floors STATUS: U/C This project is right next to Meshi project in Mamshit neighbourhood By Uzan Brothers
  9. Negev
    Dimona | East Neighbourhood residence | Appd Dimona, Shahar Neighbourhood. AREA: 1,209.66 dunams. BUILDING SCOPE: 655,650 sqm. 3,416 dwelling unit. STATUS: Approved Sites: hebrew only By Armon Architects.
  10. Negev
    Dimona | Meshi | 4 x 5-6 fl | u/c Dimona, Meshi 4 Units, 5-6 Floors STATUS: U/C This project is located in Dimona's Southern neighbourhood by the name of Mamshit. Started late 2011. My guess it reached t/o by now, i don't really know since i haven't been there for some time now to check it...
  11. Urban Showcase
    The city of Owen Sound, Ontario, known as "the scenic city" has a population of 22,000 (census agglomeration 32,000) and lies on a bay which share the city's name on the southern part of Georgian Bay. It is the county seat of Grey County. The city's downtown and main urban core is in a...
  12. Bochum
    Die Flächen des ehemaligen Bochumer Hauptbahnhofs liegen im Entwicklungsbereich ViktoriaQuartier Bochum in der südlichen Bochumer Innenstadt. Beim Bombenangriff im Jahr 1944 wurde Bochum zum größten Teil zerstört. Nach dem Krieg wurde der heutige Hauptbahnhof an eine neue Stelle versetzt. Da...
  13. Negev
    Dimona | Rajuan Towers | 13 x 11 fl | U/C Dimona, Rajuan Towers 13 Units, 11 Floors Each LOCATION: First entrance to Dimona on the left. Sderot Herzl STATUS: U/C Rajuan luxury high-rise Towers. Rejwan prestigious project of Dimona offers you all the benefits in one place: about 500...
  14. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    Now its time to open a new thread about London: city views, skyline, night photos, people life etc You can also post photos, of course properly credited especially flickr (with BBcode if possible) :cheers:
  15. Almaty City and Metro Area
    Чайная открыта.
  16. Essen
    Das 7.000 m² große Grundstück der ehemaligen Volkshochschule in der Essener Innenstadt soll einer neuen städtebaulichen Entwicklung zugeführt werden. Die EWG – Essener Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft GmbH vermarktet das im Eigentum der Stadt Essen befindliche VHS-Grundstück. Zuvor muss jedoch...
  17. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Hi guys! I created this thread so we can share our favorites european monuments, statues and fountains Rules: 1- Only good quality 2- 4 pictures per post 3- every monument, statue or fountain MUST have information 4- every post MUST be in the center Enjoy! :banana:
  18. Duisburg
    In der Duisburger Innenstadt wird ein weiteres Einkaufszentrum entstehen. Nach dem Forum (rund 50.000 Quadratemeter Verkaufsfläche) und der Königsgalerie (ca. 20.000 Quadratmeter Verkaufsfläche) soll eine kleinere Galerie für Mode auf dem Gelände der Stadtbibliothek entstehen. Entwickler ist wie...
  19. Essen
    Sanierung Haus am Kettwiger Tor In der Essener Innenstadt wird zur Zeit das Haus am Kettwiger Tor saniert. Rund 4800 Quadratmeter Verkaufsfläche entstehen im Erdgeschoss und in der ersten Etage, zum Weihnachtsgeschäft 2012 zogen bereits die ersten Läden in die sanierten Räume. Nun erfolgt die...
  20. Beyond Australia & New Zealand
    Baku is my hometown, but I'm also spend half of my life in this unique city. Scotland's largest city is a friendly, bustling town with imposing 19th-century buildings, vibrant theatre life, the most talked-about independent music scene outside the USA. Don't miss the re-opened Kelvingrove Art...
41-60 of 321 Results