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  1. Newcastle Metro Area
    COMPLETED and CANCELLED PROJECT THREADS. When Projects are completed or cancelled on any of the five sub-forums of our North East England Forum they are moved into our shared "Completed Projects" Forum. So, if you are looking for...
  2. Citytalk and Urban Issues
    Hello everyone! I am a young urban planner who is trying to improve his city! I am studying an industrial area on the outskirts of my city (Madrid). I am writing to you because I have in mind a project for the redevelopment/reconversion/improvement of the area. What I am looking for are...
  3. Completed Projects
    . Alphabetical Listing of the North East England Forum COMPLETED and CANCELLED Project Threads. . This is a regularly updated LIST of threads . . . A
  4. Completed Projects
    . The "Completed and Cancelled" Projects Forum - Admin Thread Welcome to the "Completed and Cancelled Projects" Forum, for the North East England Sub-forum. This is a new forum (in January 2016) a "5th" internal forum that Skyscraper City have agreed that we can have, so that we can retain...
  5. New York City Area Photos
    the Jenga tower! Take in the View 56 Leonard, the Tallest Tower in Tribeca rendering: progress photo by Tectonic
1-5 of 5 Results