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  1. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    República do Congo | Republic of the Congo A República do Congo (por vezes chamado Congo-Brazzaville ou Congo-Brazavile para o distinguir da vizinha República Democrática do Congo) é um país africano limitado a norte pelos Camarões e a República Centro-Africana, a leste e a sul pela...
  2. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    República Democrática do Congo | Democratic Republic of the Congo [/resize] A República Democrática do Congo, denominada, entre 1971 e 1997, República do Zaire, e por vezes designada como RDC, RD Congo, Congo, R.D., Congo-Quinxassa ou Congo-Kinshasa para diferenciá-la da vizinha...
  3. Republic of the Congo
    Because the country possesses a huge potential to be a major destination for tourism, this space will be dedicated to ecotourism and all related topics to show the efforts that have been done and discuss what could/should be done in the near future. Three major National Parks are currently...
  4. Republic of the Congo
    Hotels in Congo and all related topics
  5. Republic of the Congo
    Quelqu'un peut il me dire pourquoi le Thread du Congo se trouve sous celui de la RDC?
  6. Highways & Autobahns
    They built a cable-stayed bridge in Brazzaville. It's part of a 'corniche road' along the Congo River, which is a four lane road with roundabouts. The cable-stayed bridge appears to be somewhat overkill. Location:,15.2687245,1090m/data=!3m1!1e3...
  7. Republic of the Congo
    Quelques Images de Brazzaville
  8. Republic of the Congo
    Pont du 15 Aout et Route de la Corniche de Brazzaville
  9. Photo Gallery
    Info I must admit Congolese people are true survivors and bold. Despite how much trouble this place has gone through with all the militia and Conflicts, Bunia has surprised me with how much development has been done and still being done despite the never ending stupid conflicts in this...
  10. Projects and Construction
    Here is a pic pf the completed expansion of the boulevard triomphale that was extended to a 4x4 and now meets Avenue de Liberation.
  11. Highways & Autobahns
    The DRC is a huge country in central Africa. Despite it's gigantic area, it has only a narrow strip of land that borders the Atlantic Ocean. The DRC is an infrastructural black-hole. Since the Belgians left in 1960, time, weather and conflict took its toll on the roads. Theoretically there is a...
  12. Africa: Photo Galleries
    Please allow me to introduce you to the Democratic Republic of Congo! A collection of pictures collected from Congolese forumers and others. Enjoy! Lofoi Falls, Katanga
  13. Projects and Construction
    Inside La Cite du Fleuve.
  14. Photo Gallery
    One of the most beatifyl city in the great lake regions. dispite being the epicenter of the wars in the last 11 years and my home town.
  15. Photo Gallery
    This thread is dedicated to photos and discussion of Bukavu.
  16. Photo Gallery
    Kisangani, (population 682,599) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  17. Urbania
    Alle steden in het huidige Congo zijn in een niet zo ver verleden opgericht door de Belgische kolonisator. Ik heb eens via het internet wat fotomateriaal verzameld over de steden in Belgisch Congo ( 1908 – 1960 ). Deze steden zijn uit het niets gesticht waarna zij zich in een hels tempo...
1-17 of 20 Results