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  1. How's that newtwork of bike superhighways coming?

    I remember seeing a bunch of glowing press a couple years ago about how Berlin was going to build a network of grade-separated bikeways all over the city. For example: Coming Soon to Berlin: Bike Superhighways Is some of this constructed or under construction? Or planned? Or is this project dead?
  2. Northern School of Art - New Campus | Middlesbrough | 3Fl | U/C

    Planning application approved for The Northern School of Art’s new £14.5m gateway building in central Middlesbrough :banana: .
  3. BOHO 8 | Middlesbrough | Various | Pre-Planning

    Sneak preview of the proposed Boho 8 by Seymour Architecture. Planning application will be lodged later this week. Boho 8 is a 2.5m development of modular units which will create flexible, adaptable accommodation for the changing needs of a dynamic digital and creative industry. The...
  4. Newcastle : Current day Development, Construction, Ambition - Compared to other major UK Cities

    Newcastle Metro Area
    Gateshead is more relaxed towards potential highrise developments. There's too much outdated, negative theories strangling Newcastle. Issues like "restricting view from Monument", "restricted height at foot of banks of Tyne", "conservation central area". However, I think it needs to be...
  5. BOHO X (Digital City) | Middlesbrough | 3x 20fl | Pre-Planning

    Major announcement this morning from the Riverside Stadium. Teesside is set to see minimum 3, 20 floor buildings rise close to the existing BOHO zone at Middlehaven. a £45 million pound initial investment and part of an overall £250 million scheme to make Middlesbrough/Teesside THE Digital City...
  6. HARLOW | Gilston Park Estate | 8,500 Homes | Proposal

    East of England
    This is a massive development I recently stumbled across to the North of Harlow. Visit the official website for every planning application submitted. Main Website Planning Applications Developer: Places for People Architect: MICA in conjunction with Grimshaw. This development consists...
  7. HARLOW | New Residential near Harvey Centre | 16 Floors | 447 Homes | Retail | Approved

    East of England
    Architect: Rolfe - Judd Developer: Addington Status: Approved Ref. No: HW/FUL/17/00097 This large town centre redevelopment scheme is located adjacent to Harvey Centre and will see the demolition of the existing buildings and comprehensive re-development of the site to provide a mixed-use...
  8. EDINBURGH | Projects & Construction

    City/Metro Compilations
    Edinburgh Dùn Èideann Scottish architecture forum | City of Edinburgh official website | City of Edinburgh planning portal
  9. Cornell Quarter Student Accommodation | Middlesbrough | 6fl | U/C

    Wates Construction has been appointed to build the new student accommodation development at Teesside University, marking another major milestone in the University’s £300m Campus Masterplan. The £21.4m Cornell Quarter project will see Wates build a new 300-bedroom residential complex for...
  10. Россия | Строительство и Инфраструктура

    Foreign Topics
    Строительство, Транспорт, Благоустройство, Инфраструктура, Экономика и т. п. в России. Без оффтопа.
  11. Крым | Строительство и Инфраструктура

    Foreign Topics
    Строительство, Транспорт, Благоустройство, Инфраструктура, Экономика и т. п. в Крыму. Без оффтопа.
  12. Украина | Строительство и Инфраструктура

    Foreign Topics
    Строительство, Транспорт, Благоустройство, Инфраструктура, Экономика и т. п. в Украине. Без оффтопа.
  13. TURKESTAN | Urban developments | Строительство в Туркестане

    Regional Cities
    В Туркестане построят новый аэропорт и автовокзал
  14. World Wheel Company "Whey Aye" WHEEL at Spillers Wharf | Newcastle | Proposed

    Newcastle Metro Area
    This warrants its own thread. 'Whey aye' wheel biggest in Europe and dwarfs the London Eye to be placed at Spillers Wharf along with £100 million development. .
  15. MOSTAGANEM | New Kharouba Neighborhood | Under Construction

    Le quartier connait un véritable boom immobilier avec la construction de differentes réidences privées: REAPROM, Résidence Malika PRIMBEL, résidence La perle de la Méditerranée...etc IMG_20180320_160601 by espanoldz, sur Flickr
  16. London - Full Summary of Projects 27

    London Metro Area
    London - Full Summary of Projects Useful Links Skyscrapernews Website | SkyscraperCity London Directory of Projects | London Projects & Construction Thread Previous Summary Threads 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26...
  17. Açores | Projectos e Notícias da Ilha de São Jorge

    Ilhas | Projectos
    Apresento aqui um novo Post de obras e projetos na Ilha de São Jorge
  18. TEHRAN | Abbas Abad Hills Development and Book Garden | U/C

    General Urban Developments
    the abbas-abad hills are/were an empty set of lots located in the mid-north section of tehran. since the 70s, several plans were drawn to create a large business district. however after the revolution, and nearly two decades of hold, the area underwent construction but instead for a large set...
  19. [Tehran] Niyayesh Commercial-Residential Complex | 20 flr | U/C

    it is on the north east corner of ashrafi esfahani expressway and niayesh expressway, beside the niyayesh auto repair complex
  20. MATERIALS FOR FORMWORK (construction)

    Below are the common types of formwork material used in concrete construction: *Timber *Plywood *Steel *Aluminum *Plastic *Fabric, etc... Following are the materials which are used for formwork: Timber: This is the most common material used for bracing members to the form face. Like plywood...