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  1. National Transportation and Infrastructure
    Iranian investors pump $200 billion into UAE ventures This bridge weights 2375 Tons and is located 3.8 Km. upstream of Karun3 Dam. This intrados arc-bridge has a deck of 336 meters long and the distance of arc ends is 246 meters long and from this point of...
  2. West Bengal
    This thread is intended to discuss projects and developments in West Bengal. It has started to happen, and lets hope it continues.
  3. Philippine Projects on the Rise
    Contemporary/Futuristic Architecture and Interior Design Hello, It's like 5 am and it's freezing outside. (Well for the locals anyway :) ) So this made me wonder if anyone would like to start a discussion on ecoligical environmental architecture. One that fits our climate. One common problem...
  4. Projects & Construction
    ПЕРСПЕКТИВЫ РАЗВИТИЯ Алматы. При поддержке главы государства Н.А. Назарбаева и правительства, акимом г. Алматы В.В. Храпуновым разработан генеральный план развития и реконструкции города (план см. ниже). На пересечении проспекта Аль-Фараби и улицы Мира, где уже идет строительство делового и...
  5. Projects & Infrastructure / 在建项目与基础设施
    Beijing CCTV Headquarter 央视新址 what u think
  6. Photography and Videos
    Varna, Bulgaria XXX UNDER CONSTRUCTION XXX I'll have to reorganize this whole thing, I'll announce when it's done
  7. Sydney CBD
    Here is the latest construction photo from the Victoria Park development at Zetland
301-307 of 307 Results