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  1. Newcastle Metro Area
    This warrants its own thread. 'Whey aye' wheel biggest in Europe and dwarfs the London Eye to be placed at Spillers Wharf along with £100 million development. .
  2. Mostaganem
    Le quartier connait un véritable boom immobilier avec la construction de differentes réidences privées: REAPROM, Résidence Malika PRIMBEL, résidence La perle de la Méditerranée...etc IMG_20180320_160601 by espanoldz, sur Flickr
  3. London Metro Area
    London - Full Summary of Projects Useful Links Skyscrapernews Website | SkyscraperCity London Directory of Projects | London Projects & Construction Thread Previous Summary Threads 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26...
  4. Ilhas | Projectos
    Apresento aqui um novo Post de obras e projetos na Ilha de São Jorge
  5. General Urban Developments
    the abbas-abad hills are/were an empty set of lots located in the mid-north section of tehran. since the 70s, several plans were drawn to create a large business district. however after the revolution, and nearly two decades of hold, the area underwent construction but instead for a large set...
  6. Tehran
    it is on the north east corner of ashrafi esfahani expressway and niayesh expressway, beside the niyayesh auto repair complex
  7. Architecture
    Below are the common types of formwork material used in concrete construction: *Timber *Plywood *Steel *Aluminum *Plastic *Fabric, etc... Following are the materials which are used for formwork: Timber: This is the most common material used for bracing members to the form face. Like plywood...
  8. Architecture
    This thread is about innovative uses of concrete in construction, highlighting constructions made fully or substantially in concrete. This also includes discussion on advantages and disadvantages of concrete, costs, challenges, and sustainability. PLANNED THREADS IN BUILDING IN… SERIES...
  9. General Iran
    apartments by morteza seddighi, the modern ones are nice,the classical ones (the wider ones) are tolerable (not good) but the narrow 3 floor one is horrid problem is that even the good ones are no well blended to the other styles (like the modern ones) this one is fairly good, it uses...
  10. Teesside
    Does anyone know anymore about this announcement? No real detail in the Gazette. It sounds potentially good if done well. I know there are potentially problems if done badly. I noticed that there's a lot of office space being converted into other uses currently. Hope there's the demand if the...
  11. Newcastle Metro Area
    This application is for the former Shieldfield Board School. The school was there from 1894 till 1937 and subsequently used for a variety of uses including as Uptin Motors which at one time had a huge sign on the outside of the building. Also used by Pauline Murray's Polestar Rehearsal Studio's...
  12. Sunderland and Durham
    Not sure if this article has made an appearance - found after taking pictures of County Hall on visit to Aykley Heads area of Durham City on 09/06/16 and a follow up search of the web From Chronicle Live website on 07/07/15:- Extracts Council says five-year project will involve a new HQ in...
  13. Nairobi Metro Region
    From today's (WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 20, 2016) Business Daily front page headlines:
  14. Midwest and Plains Development News
    [/url]Riverfront - Downtown Green Bay by William Rieselbach, on Flickr[/IMG] I hope all the local Green Bay posters don't mind, but I thought I would create this subforum for projects and news that are occurring or have recently occurred in downtown Green Bay. Here is the link to the downtown...
  15. New York City
    See Four Bold New Designs for New York City's Ubiquitous Sidewalk Sheds finalists: Gannett Fleming Engineers and Architects Francis Cauffman Gensler PBDW Architects and Anastos Engineering Associates.
  16. New Jersey
    This thread is for Morristown Redevelopment Projects
41-57 of 362 Results