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  1. Tabriz
    post all news about roads, passages, expressways etc from tabriz here golkar bridge and hameed underpass opened the underpass looks great, good materials and great brickwork, good light poles, the overpass.. well the whole concept of an overpass is bad in my opinion very very clean...
  2. Africa: Projects and Construction
    Windhoek Namibia Project, construction and development news for Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia. . by TeeDeeVee, on Flickr
  3. Tehran
    new thread post stuff regarding greenery, trees, parks etc here :)
  4. Sunderland and Durham
    This from the Sunderland Echo,-- £30m plan to transform The Gates Shopping Centre in Durham City unveiled A £30MILLION scheme to transform a Durham City shopping centre has been unveiled. The project will see 'The Gates' redeveloped to feature a multi-screen cinema, riverside promenade...
  5. Mashhad
    chehel bazeh park
  6. Newcastle Metro Area
    2014/1512/01/NOD | Notification of Demolition: Demolition of 2 no vacant unlisted buildings. | Forth Banks Newcastle upon Tyne Reference 2014/1512/01/NOD Alternative Reference PP-03714751 Application Received Tue 07 Oct 2014 Application Validated Thu 09 Oct 2014 Address Forth Banks...
  7. Projects & Construction/ Mashaariic iyo Dhismaha
  8. Nur-Sultan (Astana)
  9. General Urban Developments
    Marx-Engels-Forum is a public park in the central Mitte district of Berlin, the capital of Germany. It is named for Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, authors of The Communist Manifesto of 1848 and regarded as the founders of the socialist movement. The park was created by the authorities of the...
  10. Around the World
    City of Melbourne profile Melbourne is the world's most liveable city, again
  11. Isfahan
    دهکده زیتون پزشکان اصفهان some really nice villas. this one is really funny because its a copy of a successful 6 story building!if something looks good on a 6 story building it doesnt necessarily will look good in a villa!but we have no copy right in iran so we...
  12. Isfahan
    foolad shahr to get a shopping centre
  13. North East England
    From today's Journal Live, copyright NCJMedia Ltd @ Brims Construction appointed for luxury Northumberland holiday development Jul 11, 2014 16:55 By Robert Gibson The proposed Northumbrian...
  14. Nairobi Metro Region
    Nairobi Directory of Projects A directory of prominent projects in Nairobi, listed alphabetically by district for quick reference. The list will be updated periodically. ____________________________________________________________________________ Central Business District Chandaria...
  15. Architecture and Urbanism
    Строительная отрасль перейдет на еврокоды в 2015 году Введение еврокодов не будет одномоментным
  16. Projects and Construction
    Having stood on both sides of the fence as a commercial property development and investment consultant and also as a Director of a firm of Architects, it is quite apparent that the two industries of Property and Construction don’t understand each other’s basic business models. Too often, the...
  17. Nur-Sultan (Astana)
    BI City запланирован на Левобережье столицы в непосредственной близости от ТРЦ «Хан Шатыр», что в перспективе придаст мощный импульс развитию данного района Астаны. Проект предусматривает строительство административно-делового и культурного центров, а также жилых районов с развитой...
  18. Ostatné mestá
    List of Žilina threads [Žilina] Projects and Construction Updates I [Žilina] Projects and Construction Updates II [Žilina] Projects and Construction Updates III...
  19. Isfahan
    massive project, southern esfahan great location in terms of architecture در زمینی به مساحت 92.480 متر مربع زیر بنای کل پروژه: 500.000 متر مربع توسط دو شرکت خارجی و یک شرکت ایرانی با مشارکت شهرداری اصفهان کاربری: مجتمع تجاری،اداری،مسکونی، رستوران های ملل (فود کورت) 4 سینمای بزرگ ،سالن...
  20. Projects & Construction/ Mashaariic iyo Dhismaha
    Kismaayo| Waamo Stadium| U/C Here comes the Jubada Hoose known for their deadly football skills. :cheers:
41-60 of 307 Results