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  1. Laos • ລາວ
    The largest convention center in Laos. A project by two Lao American brothers. In the video below, mentioned that they will build sports facilities on the parking deck and has plan for a 15-story condo across the street.
  2. Projects and Construction
    Surprised there's no thread for this yet. 901 Commerce L-shaped residential tower, 12 units per floor, 7 level garage base. Very much needed for a pretty bare section of downtown. Star-Telegram article
  3. Urban Projects and Developments
    The Walkgard Conference hall is to bring convergence convenience to Kagera town. with its capacity of up to 800 people. Located right in the heart of Bukoba.
  4. Nashville
    A first look at the plans for the old convention center site Team led by Cornerstone, Emery envisions $230M project featuring office tower
  5. DN Archives
    CLEVELAND | Hilton Convention Hotel | 116m | 380ft | 30 fl | T/O ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Plans for...
  6. Midwest and Plains Development News
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Plans for new 30-story Hilton Convention Center Hotel unveiled, project to change city skyline...
  7. DN Archives ==================================================================== Agreement becomes final for another downtown convention hotel
  8. Nashville CP Nashville City Paper
  9. General Urban Developments
    EPFL: Swiss Tech Convention Center[/B] EPFL: Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Polytechnik Federal School of Lausanne): EPFL video presentation in english: MEET DIFFERENTLY THE SWISS TECH CONVENTION CENTER is set against a spectacular...
  10. Projetos e Obras
    Este é um projeto prioritário para Teresina. O atual Centro de Convenções é de 1976, construído quando a cidade era pequena e acanhada, com uma população (àquela época) de 250.000 pessoas, mais ou menos. Tinha um pavilhão de 1200 m², o auditório maior tinha cerca de 700 lugares e estava uma...
  11. The Interchange
    Sunday, July 6th, 2008 [ Last Day ] I honestly didn't really wanna ask anyone to pose for me so I just took pictures when they were posing for others
  12. Development News
    Miami WorldCenter A massive $4 bln shopping and residential mega-development
  13. Archives
    version II convention centre + obsolete tower designs newer concept design for taller towers construction pics >> rock_k awaiting the yellow potain to rise, its 'assembled' so to speak. thinking camera's may want to be handy on the 21st?
  14. Low Rises & Urban Planning
    Here is the expension of Impact Muang Thong Thani : The Challenger, world largest column free exhibition hall in the world and will make the IMPACT to be the world's 3rd largest and Asia's largest Venue !! We go for the Challenges! The Challenger IMPACT - Muang Thong Thani • The True 60,000...
1-16 of 17 Results