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  1. Bonfire of the QUANGOs - Does this mean losing the way in Northern England?

    Transport, Urban Planning and Infrastructure
    The Northern Way was established as a partnership led by the three northern Regional Development Agencies: NWRDA, One North East and Yorkshire Forward. It developed an evidence-based approach to pan-northern issues especially transport, where a lot of its work was about understanding the...
  2. Newcastle - A member of 'Core Cities Group', 'Centre for Cities', 'Northern Way' and 'Cities for Business'

    Newcastle Metro Area
    1 - THE CORE CITIES GROUP . . . Our place in the Core Cities Group seems to me something that we HAVE to (as a City) take real advantage of. I see it as akin to, on an international level, the "G7" or the "United Nations" for the UK . . . We NEED to be in it (we are). We NEED to be...