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  1. Ahmedabad
    The Gujarat Government has cut the rates of the Covid-19 test conducted by private laboratories. Dypt. CM Nitin Patel who is also the State Health Minister said that private labs will have to charge Rs.2500 for each test when the sample is collected at the laboratory itself. But when the sample...
  2. ECOWAS Countries
    Picture Courtesy by Thomas Kurian,CEO, Google Cloud Islamabad: The Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations, and Coordination recently agreed to collaborate with Google to raise awareness regarding COVID-19 prevention within the country, a news source reported. As part of the...
  3. Urban Showcase
    I thought it would be interesting to share photos of how our cities look like in this pandemic time. Empty cities provides an unusual views and opportunities for good architecture/cityscapes photos. Of course, it would be great to come up with good quality photography as well as some...
  4. Photos
    Let's take a virtual photo walk in empty streets and squares of Riga. COVID-19 pandemic in Latvia hasn't been as harsh as in many other countries in Europe and world so far. Thus also there isn't an overall quarantine introduced in Latvia - people can quite freely walk around. There are some...
  5. Attualità, economia, scienza
    Mappa con aggiornamenti in diretta sul numero e distribuzione dei casi di infezione e decessi:
  6. Exchange Square
    Unless you've been living under a rock, no getting away from the Coronavirus over the past 6 weeks. At the moment majority of the public are taking extra precautions by stocking up on grocery and medical supplies, washing hands regularly and self isolating if feeling unwell at home. Although...
  7. New York City
    The State has tightened stay-at-home restrictions, halting work statewide on "non-essential" construction. This includes office and luxury residential projects, but not affordable ones.
  8. Attualità, economia, scienza Chiedo ai mod di stickyzzare il thread. Se avete mai donato qualcosa a qualcuno, è il momento di farlo.
  9. Newcastle Metro Area
    . This is the COVID-19 Regional Thread for Newcastle and the North East. National and international 'COVID-19' issues should also be discussed here, as this is a massive world-wide problem . . .
  10. Economy & Development Issues
    The threat is in our backyard if not in our living rooms. Take it seriously.
  11. Forum Polskich Wieżowców
    Ostatnia aktualizacja: 11.04.2021 r. godz. 12:14 UWAGA - dział dot. szczepionek i szczepień przeniesiony do odrębnej wiadomości - UWAGA Dane na dzień 11.04.2021 1. Rozporządzenie Rady Ministrów z dnia 19 marca 2021 r. w sprawie ustanowienia określonych ograniczeń, nakazów i zakazów w...
  12. Speakers' Corner
    Time to stop using public transport? What happens when lots of people have it at work? Is there much we can actually do in the long run?
  13. The Lunar Society
    It is in various threads but of course as this outbreak spreads, more things will be shut down. It is inevitable if you believe in protecting the vulnerable people to this nasty virus. Obviously for the majority of us it is OK, it is 'just the flu' but my MIL has COPD and is 75 so would be...
1-13 of 24 Results