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  1. Urban Showcase
    So here is the second thread about the trip I've just done in Siberia. You can see the first pics about Norilsk here : Siberia from North to East. Part 1 : Norilsk. Dudinka is a city a lot smaller than Norilsk, of about 30,000 people. Actually people of Dudinka see Norilsk as the big city...
  2. Urban Showcase
    Here are some pics I took in last april of my native city, Nantes. Nantes is one of the largest French cities (pop : 283,000, metro area : 804,000). It's crossed by the Loire river and it's not far from the Atlantic ocean. The pics I will show in the thread are not specially from the prettiest...
  3. Urban Ukraine
    Все про крани - Cranes, including Ukraines Вирішив створити цю гілку, бо у всіх гілках є люди, які цікавляться і розбираються в кранах. Тож і у цій гілці по-бажанню можна ділитися знаннями, думками тощо.
  4. Birmingham Metro Area
    Which Brum forumer was it who posted some words lamenting that "they could only see three cranes on the city skyline" just a day or so ago? I can't for the life of me find which blasted thread it's in now, even though I have already searched several times over for it to remind myself who...
  5. » Szczecin
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1-5 of 8 Results