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  1. SPORT in CUMBRIA - Participation and Spectator Sports

    North East England
    As there are no referenced threads to Sport,-- I thought I would begin a thread for all types of Sport in Cumbria I hope there is interest. .
  2. SKYBAR - "Off-topic" discussions for all of the COMMUNAL AREA of the North East England Forum

    North East England
    . WELCOME TO THE NEW SKYBAR FOR THE "COMMUNAL AREA" OF THE NORTH EAST ENGLAND SUB-FORUM OF SKYSCRAPER CITY . . . There has now been a new SKYBAR Thread set up here in the "Communal Area" of the North East England Sub-forum. Each of the four City-led Forums (of the North East England Sub-forum)...
  3. Carlisle

    Urban Showcase
    Here are my pics from the last few weeks that I've been working in Carlisle in Northern England. I've grown rather fond of it already, and for a population of 77,000 it feels a lot bigger than it is. View from the train on the way to work. Inside the station. Emerging from the station...
  4. CUMBRIA - Coverage of Cumbria on the UK Forums

    Forum Issues
    . Cumbria. For those members of SSC interested in what is happening in the Cumbria Region, and in how it is being covered on SSC, I thought the below may be of interest. With the lack of a "North West England" Forum, Cumbria is being covered in a number of threads in the 'communal area' (as...
  5. CUMBRIA in the MEDIA - Media 'based here' and also how Cumbria is 'portrayed in' all forms of Media

    North East England
    The BBC Region - "The North East and Cumbria" A current discussion in the Skybar (and in the 'Admin Thread', and in our 'Communal Area') about the coverage of CUMBRIA issues on Skyscrapercity, reminded me that one of the reasons it is fairly logical that Cumbria is covered on SSC under our...
  6. The NUCLEAR INDUSTRY in the North East and Cumbria - Issues & Developments

    North East England
    No mention of SSC of one of the biggest developments in the NE and Cumbria, which is the search for a new waste depository for Sellafield. My understanding is that they want to start generating electricty again at Sellafield but have been told that a new waste depository must be found first. Two...
  7. TOURISM - How ALL FOUR of our City-led forum areas do in the Tourism stakes, Photos etc

    North East England
    I visited Durham a couple of days ago and it was quite interesting to compare a few things. As a place, it was like a cross between a large Beverley and a small York. Some good picturesque views, but the demographic of people seemed to be almost split into thirds of: eldery tourists, students...
  8. PHOTOS - Rural North East England Photography and Rural Cumbria Photography

    North East England
    Thought I'd start a thread for non-urban photos of the North of England (NE and Cumbria). Here's a couple to get things going; Ennerdale valley, from Caw Fell: Caw Fell:
  9. Cumbria - RETAIL (inc. Carlisle) issues and developments

    North East England
    Sainsbury's and Booths to open superstores in Penrith, within a week of each other By Matthew Legg, Business editor, News & Star, Wednesday 5th October 2011 Penrith is set for an £80 million retail boom which could turn it into a Cumbrian mecca for shoppers. Supermarket giants Sainsbury’s...
  10. CUMBRIA HISTORY - Stories/Photos from and about the past in Cumbria ('Cumberland and Westmorland' as was)

    North East England
    Blaze at poet’s historic home by Rachel Wearmouth, The Journal, March 24th 2011 THE North home of William Wordsworth was damaged by a blaze in the early hours of yesterday. Five fire crews were called to Allan Bank, in Cumbria’s Grasmere, after a fire broke out in the roof and spread to the...
  11. The impact of THE CUTS on this Region (Info combined here from ALL FOUR of our City-led Forums)

    North East England
    Saw this comment online the other day: "The Government have pulled many millions from the Humber Sub Region in the last few weeks (£220 MILLION from the A63 Catle Street supported by Hull and the East Riding, £150 MILLION from Orchard Park, £90 MILLION from the Gateway scheme from Hull and the...
  12. Cumbria (inc. Carlisle) - TRANSPORT / ROADS etc, issues and developments

    North East England
    Great North Western Railway GNWR is seeking to introduce new train services on the West Coast Main Line (WCML) between London Euston and North West stations into West Yorkshire, London Euston to Carlisle via the Cumbrian Coast, and London Euston to Blackpool. Proposed Route Map Services...
  13. CUMBRIA Area (inc. Carlisle) Developments - Areas and Subjects NOT being covered elsewhere on Skyscraper City

    North East England
    . USING THIS COMMUNAL AREA OF THE NORTH EAST ENGLAND SUB-FORUM . . . Recently, a thread has been set up in this 'communal area' of the forum, called "Northumberland Area Developments - Areas NOT covered on the Newcastle Forum" That thread covers the areas in the 'extreme-West' and...
  14. Whitehaven Harbour Redevelopment | Whitehaven | 4fl | Approved

    North East England
    The Whitehaven News ran a story about the £10m redevelopment of the Whitehaven waterfront to replace Mark House offices and The Park nighclub based in a former sandstone swimming baths. Developers Magnus Homes has held a competition (with 139 entrants from all over the world) to design the...
  15. THE LAKE DISTRICT - Photos, Stories and Memories of one of our regions most beautiful areas

    North East England
    . The Lake District. This thread is for our photos, memories, other stories and information about the Lake District. In my lifetime, it was always a place you went to for holidays, school trips, etc. It is also a place that, in my own experience, it often seemed to rain a lot. I remember one...
  16. ADMIN THREAD - Contact your Moderators here, Thread Title Change Requests, Members Suggestions, etc

    North East England
    Why is it that we have so many subforums here? It seems to be that there' nowhere near enough activity to warrant splitting everything so much. With Sunderland and Newcastle especially...there's just so much overlap and most things in one are relevant to the other. Surely there should be a...
  17. WIND FARMS / WIND TURBINES etc - In Northumberland, Cumbria, County Durham & "offshore" from each coast

    North East England
  18. HADRIAN'S WALL - The Roman Wall from Wallsend to Bowness, and "The Romans in Northern England" generally

    North East England
    Hadrian's Wall through the Centre of Newcastle. This might be one for you Historian. While browsing wikipedia at work, ahem, I mean...on lunch.... I came across a reference to a replica roman milecastle behind the Newcastle Arts Centre at the location where it would have been on Hadrians...
  19. Inglaterra | England

    Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    Southampton - Inglaterra A Inglaterra (em inglês: England) é uma das nações constituintes do Reino Unido. O país faz fronteira com a Escócia ao norte e com o País de Gales a oeste; o Mar da Irlanda está a noroeste, o Mar Celta está a sudoeste, enquanto o Mar do Norte está a leste e o Canal da...