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  1. Completed
    🌍 Country: Senegal 🇸🇳 🌁 City: Dakar 🏢 Project Owner - Client: SOGIP SA 📏Design: Tabanlıoğlu Architecture 🇹🇷 🖊Contractor: SUMMA Construction 🇹🇷 🗓 Start Date: 2020 🏟 Stadium Capacity: 50,000 seats 🚧 Construction Area: 88,000 m² 💶 Cost: 238 million € (approximate)...
  2. Transporte Aéreo Facebook Instagram Site Twitter Youtube
  3. Subways and Urban Transport
    This thread is about public transport in Dakar, Senegal
  4. Africa: Projects and Construction
    The Diamniadio new city project is construction of a large-scale industrial, commercial, and residential Platform outside the capital city, Dakar. Diamniadio is located about 30 kilometers from Dakar and 10 kilometers from the new airport in Diass. The city will be equipped of : Stores...
  5. Africa: Projects and Construction
  6. Africa: Projects and Construction
  7. Africa: Projects and Construction
    ^^ Welcome Hyatt :cheers:
  8. City/Metro Compilations
    Dakar, capital of Senagal. According to December 31, 2005 official estimates, the city of Dakar proper has a population of 1,030,594, whereas the population of the Dakar metropolitan area is estimated at 2.45 million people. SENEGAL | Dakar |...
  9. ECOWAS Countries
    City Touba (from Arabic Ṭūbā "Felicity") is a city in central Senegal. It is the holy city of Mouridism and the burial place of its founder, Shaykh Ahmadou Bamba Mbacké. From under 5,000 inhabitants in 1964, the population was officially estimated at 529,000 in 2007. :uh: The city keeps...
  10. ECOWAS Countries
    This thread is opened for Senegal | Business, Economy and Investment News and other related discussions. I hesitated for a long time to open this thread because 95% of the news is in french. But hey, there's google translate !! :) Any questions feel free to ask. Any contributions, please feel...
  11. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    O Senegal, oficialmente República do Senegal (em francês, République du Sénégal), é um país localizado na África Ocidental. Faz fronteira com o Oceano Atlântico a oeste, com a Mauritânia ao norte e ao leste, com o Mali, a leste, e com a Guiné e a Guiné-Bissau ao sul. A Gâmbia forma um...
  12. ECOWAS Countries
    ------------------------------------------------------------ The old train station in downtown
  13. ECOWAS Countries
    Avec l’alternance politique intervenue en mars 2000, le Sénégal a opté pour une économie libérale résolument orientée vers le partenariat public-privé. Par lettre de mission du Président de la République, de grands projets d’infrastructures ont été confiés à l’APIX. Objectif : faire du Sénégal...
  14. ECOWAS Countries
    As Senegal is still a country that is pretty unknown to people from the non-francophone world. I would like to introduce it to this forum. General information: Area: 196,190 square kilometres (land; 192,000 sq km, water; 4,190 sq km) Coastline: 531 km Population: 10,5 million Capital city...
1-16 of 18 Results