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  1. Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    Dalian International Trade Center Dalian, China Height: 370.2m/1214ft Floors: 86 floors Function: residential, office Architect: Dalian Architectural Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd. Completed: 2019 on the left, photo by by 941019 photo by 941019
  2. Rate Our Talls: 250-299 meters
    Victoria Plaza - Hengli Towers Dalian, China 268m/879ft tallest 68 floors tallest Mulvanny G2 Architecture Office 2018 There are not many photos readily available for this complex. This one is from 2017 by 青青小筑 As you can see, only one was completed then, but the other has since been finished.
  3. Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    Eton Place Dalian Tower 1 Dalian, China Height: 383m/1257ft Floors: 80 Function: Office, Hotel Architect: NBBJ Completed: 2016 photos from CTBUH
  4. DN Archives
    Chinese name: 凯泰铭座. I don't really know how should it be translated.
  5. Asia and Australia
    Tianlun Commercial Building Dalian, China HEIGHT: 168m/560feet FLOORS: 35floors COMPLETION: 1997 ARCHITECT: ? the golden building
  6. Asia and Australia
    Peace Modern City Dalian, China HEIGHT: 170m/570feet FLOORS: 55 floors COMPLETION: ? ARCHITECT: ?
  7. Asia and Australia
    Dalian Hope Mansion Dalian, China HEIGHT: 171m/570feet FLOORS: 38 floors COMPLETION: 1999 ARCHITECT: ?
  8. Asia and Australia
    New World Center Dalian, China HEIGHT: 203m/608feet FLOORS: 56fl COMPLETION: 2012 ARCHITECT: ?
  9. Asia and Australia
    Wanda East Port Project Dalian, China HEIGHT: 220m/198m/195m/192m/175m FLOORS: 49fl/57fl/56fl/55fl/38fl COMPLETION: 2011 ARCHITECT: ?
  10. DN Archives
  11. Зарубежье
    Спустя четыре года у меня наконец-то дошли руки разобрать и обработать фотки своего житья-бытья в Китае в 2006 году. 20 папок и 2500 фото. Я уже выкладывал тут фото Даляня, Шанхая, Шеньяна и Нинбо, но в основном архитектуру... кроме нее есть еще на что посмотреть - природа, люди, еда, магазины...
  12. Skyscrapers
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Developer: Langham Hotels International Architect: Unknown Location: Dalian Dongguang Area, C04 plot. Close to Guangwan...
  13. Зарубежье
    ============================================================================== 1/Guangzhou 2/Shenzhen 3/Zhuhai 4/Huizhou 5/Dongguan 6/Beijing ============================================================================== Гуандун / Guangdong Province Гуанду́н (кит. трад. 廣東, упрощ. 广东...
  14. City/Metro Compilations
    So many projects on going in this city, I think it's time to open a thread dedicated exclusively to it. Most of the renders in this thread were posted by mingxi on :) CBD Expansion, long term plan
  15. Subways and Urban Transport
    Dalian Location: northeast China, Liaoning province Population: 6 million Dalian's tram, whose rail was first built in 1908, is part of this city's history. here are some pics taken by 食草動物 on 4-6-2006
  16. International
    Sandomierz Sandomierz is a city in south-eastern Poland with 27,000 inhabitants History Sandomierz is one of the oldest and historically most significant cities in Poland. Archeological finds around the city indicate that humans inhabited the area since neolithic times. The city came into...
  17. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    Cidades da China A República Popular da China, também conhecida simplesmente como China, é o maior país da Ásia Oriental e o mais populoso do mundo, com mais de 1,38 bilhão de habitantes, quase um quinto da população da Terra. É uma república socialista, governada pelo Partido Comunista da...
1-17 of 18 Results