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  1. Subways and Urban Transport
    Kochi Metro land acquisition to be completed by March The land required for Kochi metro’s preliminary works and a major share of land needed for constructing the system of mass rapid transport will be acquired by January 31. The rest of the land will be acquired by March. The project requires...
  2. Railways & Transportation
    Official Delhi Metro Website Phase 3 Introduction: Delhi Metro currently has 190 km of operational network and is being built in a phase-wise manner with Phase-I ending in 2005-06, Phase-II ending in 2010-11, Phase-III ending in 2015-16, Phase-IV ending in 2020-21, and possibly one or more...
  3. Subways and Urban Transport
    Safe as the New Delhi metro Peter Foster and Uttara Choudhury Hong Kong Standard Weekend: December 18-19, 2004 India takes a giant step into the 21st century this weekend when the first stretch of a new underground metro system is opened in the capital, New Delhi. Running for four...
1-3 of 3 Results