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  1. Interior Design Projects Qatar

    Hello, I am Representing EU Fabrics and Natural Leather Brands In Qatar. Wanted to know if any of us here are working on Projects and there are Updates on Interior Design Projects that we can share. Have a Look at these Brands for your Perusal. AQUA CLEAN- Spain Gruppo...
  2. Biomimicry in Furniture & Design

    Design and Lifestyle
    The term ‘biomimicry’ originates from the Greek words bios, meaning life and mimesis, meaning imitate. It refers to imitating natural strategies (not forms) to devise new sustainable solutions. The Ivy Chair designed by Brazilian Designer Enrico Gondim, uses the principles of Biomimicry as his...
  3. Le Corbusier

    If you're an architect or a designer, then you most definitely find out about the modern architecture pioneer, Le Corbusier. You probably find out about his Villa Savoye (this villa showcases what're typically called Le Corbusier's 5 Points of Architecture), Ronchamp Chapel, the Modulor, and his...
  4. Italy Gets Its First Starbucks

    Starting a coffee store in a country which loves its coffee is a daunting task. This is precisely why it took Starbucks 47 years to open a branch in Italy, the country that first inspired the brand. Its task while opening a store in Italy was to ensure that they became a part of the coffee...
  5. Any pet lover here? Let's share animal-friendly interior design here.

    Design and Lifestyle
    Check this apartment specially designed for cats! :wave:
  6. SPAIN - Hockey Arena - Olympic Festival of Jaca 2007

    Stadiums and Sport Arenas
    City of Jaca Hockey Arena designed by Coll-Barreu Arquitectos has been the most representative facility of the European Youth Olympic Festival of Jaca 2007, the first event in the Pyrennes. Project Location: Jaca, Aragon, Spain The Dome takes the strength of the nearby Oroel Mount and the...
  7. [Statue Concept] Jesus The Son Of Man

    Design and Lifestyle
    My entry for an architectural design concept competition for a statue of Jesus in Papua, Indonesia. Ideological Basis While their land is extraordinarily rich of natural resources, extraordinarily fertile, and extraordinarily beautiful, Papuan people has been facing a lot of conflicts...

    I know everything that is initially posted in this subforum has been posted on the other streetcar subforum. However since that forum was created for the Blue Line and we now have a map of where the Green Line / Lakefront Line will go I thought it would be appropriate to separate the two. This...
  9. Street furniture design competitions

    Design and Lifestyle
    Hello to all, I think this may could interest you, there is a new international design competition about street furniture in precast architectural concrete. :banana::banana::banana: You have to submit drawing ideas of concrete street furniture in relation with the concept of sport. Sketches on...
  10. Does the importance of sustainability and the environment in architectural design compromise the aesthetics of architecture?

    Hi everyone! I am doing some research for my Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) with the above title. I am from the UK and currently studying for my A levels and basically, an EPQ is an additional qualification that involves conducting independent research into a specific area of interest...
  11. Construction & Property Need to Speak the Same Language

    Projects and Construction
    Having stood on both sides of the fence as a commercial property development and investment consultant and also as a Director of a firm of Architects, it is quite apparent that the two industries of Property and Construction don’t understand each other’s basic business models. Too often, the...
  12. Wood Floor Design

    Design and Lifestyle
    A wood floor can be simple (made of boards or strips) but it could also be intricate. Adding value to an otherwise common floor will add value to the building. To exemplify I am adding a few images: Image showing a wood floor medallion inlay installed with parquet flooring laid in a...
  13. Fashion in London

    Speakers' Corner
    For discussion on fashion and design in London, one of the world's fashion capitals.
  14. Soft Landings: An investigation into the knowledge of construction professionals

    I am currently writing a thesis on the knowledge that construction professionals hold regarding the 'soft landings' process. I would very much appreciate anyone who could take the time to answer 14 multiple choice questions to help make this research worthwhile. The link to the questionnaire...

    Design and Lifestyle
  16. Deconstructivism

    Hello! Im currently trying to decide on a topic for my final years dissertation. I'm very interested in exploring decostructivism. Please tell me what do you think of this title? Creativity versus functionality: An insight on deconstructivism and its descendants.
  17. Aurn's Bungalow Design at Uttarahalli, in Bangalore by Ashwin Architects

    Design and Lifestyle
    House Design project for Arun's Bungalow by Ashwin Architects, one of the top ten architecture firm based in Bangalore, India. PROJECT DETAILS Client Name: Arun Aravind Location of site: Vinayaka Layout, Uttarahalli...
  18. Designer

    Spazi pubblici e arredo urbano
    Il design italiano soffre negli ultimi anni l'influenza di tutto il mondo, per questo sto cercando designer emergenti italiani che possano portare sul podio le forme di un tempo attraverso una rivisitazione moderna e il mitico made in italy degli anni d'oro del dopoguerra! per questo ho creato...
  19. Gothic Apartment Building

    2D Drawings
    This is my design of an apartment building in the Gothic Style.
  20. Tim's designs

    3D Designs
    Here are some of my designs :) Shops and office complex Office building