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  1. Foundation Help?

    Projects and Construction
    Hi, As part of my degree I am tasked to compare 2 real foundation designs and whether the design choices were apt. The buildings can be from any location but similar to one another. Does anyone know of a good resource to find information for buildings on both the: Design of or foundation type...
  2. Historical Designs / Utopias / Monuments - Never built

    Classic Architecture
    It seemed interesting to me to share historical designs/drawings for structures that never made it. Not only to share a dreamy sense of Nostalgia and melancholy, but also to inspire and display the intense beauty of structures that never came to be. Let's celebrate the amazing fantasy and sense...
  3. Nossas fotomontagens

    Nossas Propostas | Infraestrutura e Arquitetura
    Após ver o thread de fotomontagems no fórum argentino tive a intenção de criar nosso próprio tópico. Muitos foristas fazem montsgens interessantes, mas postam em threads diversos. Neste poderemos, além de exibir nossas criações (de arquitetura, urbanismo, design, etc.), discutir sobre programas...
  4. Polish Modern Architecture

    I want to present Polish contemporary architecture created by Polish and foreign architects. I will use various internet resources and it will be very random. Feel free to discuss anything related to this thread. I'll start with one of my favorites from Warsaw. Copernicus Science Center...
  5. MLS Stadium Design Competition (Cap. 20,000) - Oct 7 to Nov. 12

    Stadium Design
    MLS Stadium Design Competition (Cap. 20,000) - Oct 7 to December 12 ATTENTION! THE DEADLINE FOR THIS CONTEST HAS BEEN CHANGED TO DECEMBER 12, 2012. MLS Stadium Design Competition - New England Revolution - Kraft Sports Group In recent weeks talks have been heating up about a proposed move to...
  6. Smart Cities Research

    General Developments and Discussions
    Are you a designer working on smart buildings and/or infrastructure? I am the Director of the initiative. We are looking for global examples of smart city solutions and/or infrastructure for our mapping site at If you know any, please contribute or let us...
  7. I Feel Electric Blue |LDZIGN_11|

  8. Bangalore's Architectural Project on Architecture News Plus

    Single family house project in Bangalore publicized on 'architecture news plus'. Planning has been based on an open-format to visually enhance the size of the internals & give it that spatial quality so crucial to define a space without boundary. Continuing the same theme on the vertical, we...
  9. World Lifestyle Malls

    Shopping Architecture
    • Lifestyle Malls • _______________________________________ SerraSul Shopping Localization: Pouso Alegre, Minas Gerais - Brazil Status: Under construction (opening in november 2012) Stores: 142 Land area: 145.000 m² Total area: 32.464,48 m² Gross leasable area: 23.324,99 m² Parking lot...
  10. Lifestyle Malls

    Shopping Architecture
    SerraSul Shopping Stores: 142 Size: 145.000 m² Built size: 32.464,48 m² Parking: 1.650 cars Cinema/Theater: 4 (one with 3D technology) Food court: 10 stores e 576 seats Location: Pouso Alegre, Minas Gerais - Brazil The biggest mall of south of Minas Gerais state. One of the most beautiful...
  11. Nightclub & Bar Interiors

    Design and Lifestyle
    This thread is dedicated to show nightclub & bar interiors around the world. let's start :cheers: :dance:
  12. My 3D works

    3D Designs
  13. Supertall Contest

    3D Designs
    Well, this is my first thread, and i want to make a supertall design contest. Make your supertall designs on sketchup and post them here!!! This are the rules: It must be 600m-1000m high. It would be great if you make the underground parking, maybe 5 levels. Gardens First three floors should be...
  14. Please comment my designs

    Hello dear skyscraper people, I'm a student filling some of his spare time making architectural designs, hope you can give some feedback since feedback has been extremely rare for me till now :)
  15. [Design] Wyposażenie wnętrz [sklepy internetowe]

    Przemysł | Technologia | Design
    Rozpoczynam wątek o sklepach internetowych, które oferują tzw. designerskie meble oraz dodatki do wnętrz. :) Na pierwszy rzut idzie lustro (Kare), które można kupić w sklepie 2180 zł Pufa, którą traktować trzeba z przymróżeniem oka. ;) CDN
  16. Minneapolis - One river, four designs on the future

    Minneapolis-Saint Paul
    The Presentations 19058841 19112706 19115761 18935442 For more info:
  17. Львів майбутнього - ідеї та обговорення

    Львів / Lviv
    Давно хотів створити тему, у якій можна було б висловлювати наші власні ідеї щодо розвитку нашого прекрасного міста. Ось, власне, я і починаю. Ідея вдосконалення перехрестя вулиць Сахарова та Княгині Ольги давно вертілася в мене в голові. Коли нарешті взявся до роботи - часто бракувало то часу...
  18. Restaurants

    Photo Forum
    ok so.... this thread is for restaurants in Israel. It's hard to find photos of restaurants so if you have please post.
  19. the BAYPOLIS project (fantasy 480 hectare city)

    3D Designs
    Good day, welcome to the BAYPOLIS project. This is the successor to my EMERALD and VERQUA cities which served as stepping stones to optimize techniques in rendering and detail processing. Now this city will have 480 ha of real estate devoted to office, commercial and residential development. It...
  20. North Gate Redevelopment|T1 80.33m/25 floors|T2 70m/22 floors|T3 60m/18 floors

    3D Designs
    Hi this is my first 3d model attempt, it is a fictional redevelopment of an area called Northgate. Hope you like it :) Here is the redevelopment so far: Here is Tower 1 which stands at 80.33m and has 25 floors andis currently topped out: Here is Tower 2 which is close to being topped...