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  1. Downtown Brooklyn | 7 Boerum Place | 76m | 250ft | 21 fl | T/O

    Brooklyn & Staten Island
    New High-Rise Planned for 7 Boerum Place, Downtown Brooklyn
  2. Coney Island | Ocean Dreams (3514 Surf Avenue) | 67m x 2 | 221ft x 2 | 21 fl x 2 | T/O

    Brooklyn & Staten Island
    New Renderings for 'Ocean Dreams,' Wavy' 504-Unit Rental Coming to Coney Island's Surf Avenue
  3. Clinton Hill | 550 Clinton Avenue | 103m | 337ft | 29 fl | App

    Brooklyn & Staten Island
    pretty tall for the neighborhood.
  4. Downtown Brooklyn | 1 Flatbush Avenue | 64m | 210ft | 19 fl | Com

    New York City Area Photos
    this article is from May, but work is still ongoing. 1 Flatbush Avenue Tops Out Construction, To Bring 183 More Rentals to Downtown Brooklyn a more recent photo, this project is in the middle. on instagram
  5. Williamsburg | 159 Boerum Street | 58m | 190ft | 19 fl | U/C

    Brooklyn & Staten Island
    Permits Filed for 159 Boerum Street, Williamsburg
  6. Greenpoint | Calyer Place | 33 fl x 2 | 19 fl | 14 fl | U/C

    Brooklyn & Staten Island
    this will be another building on the Greenpoint waterfront, where development is hot. Not very tall, but anything will stand out here. Permits Filed for 37 West Street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn
  7. Brooklyn & Staten Island Thread Directory

    Brooklyn & Staten Island
    Skyscrapers (> 656') Downtown Brooklyn | 9 DeKalb - 1066' - U/C Downtown Brooklyn | 625 Fulton Street - 942' - Pro Downtown Brooklyn | 80 Flatbush - 840' + 510' - Pro Downtown Brooklyn | Brooklyn Point - 745' - T/O Brooklyn Heights | 205 Montague St - 700' - stale proposal Highrises (>328')...
  8. PROJECT- Keep all your favourite buildings in one place so you don't lose track

    Citytalk and Urban Issues
    Hey guys, So I don’t know if this is the right place to post this apologies if it’s not. Basically I run an architecture website aiming to track skyscraper, building and construction projects in cities across the world. Very simple, you select a city and you can see a grid of buildings being...
  9. WHITE PLAINS | The Mitchell | 16 fl | 15 fl | 6 fl | U/C

    NYC Suburbs, Long Island & SW CT
    Apartment proposal for 'signature' White Plains corner

    Figured this project technically hit our 15 story rule so here's it's own thread- Here's the low down: Developer - Ascendant Holdings LLC of Madison Architects - Kraig Kalashian Architecture and Design and Metro Studio Hotel Operator - Provenance Hotels of Portland Anticipated Completion: Fall...
  11. eMbarKE | 200' - 250' | 20 FL | 125' - 175' | 12 FL | PROPOSED

    I know most people on this forum are highly skeptical of Marcus and if this project will ever get built. However I thought we should have a dedicated subforum since we have one for the Nexus and also so discussion can potentially occur here and not clog up the main forum.
  12. BMO TOWER | 335 FT | 25 FL | 2020

    I'm going to take RedLion727 for his word and create a thread based on the numbers he gave for the BMO Harris tower proposal coming this week. We can always edit the title of this thread if those numbers change or are different...
  13. NEXUS | 270' | 20 FL | 200' | 15 FL | PROPOSED

    Here are renderings of the project from the Arrival Partners website:
  14. CHICAGO | BMO Tower | 222m | 727ft | 50 fl | U/C

  15. NEW YORK | 247 Cherry Street | 309m | 1013ft | 79 fl | Pro

    Proposed Supertalls
    the JDS-SHoP combo strikes again... right next to another Extell project. The Lo-Down : (Exclusive) JDS Development/SHoP Reveal Plans For 77-Story Two Bridges Tower renderings:
  16. WEST SIDE | Development News

    So now I think there is enough going on in the West Side to merit a thread. I'll look for a few things I've posted in the general thread recently. I won't try to re-post anyone else's stuff, but if it fits it will help move the discussion along. Maybe we should try to define what is west...
  17. New York City - Supertall List | Manhattan Thread Directory

    The Manhattan Thread Directory: Links to Project threads in the Manhattan forum arranged by height. Supertalls (including those not in Manhattan) will be counted in this thread. rendering by cityrealtynyc New York City Supertalls ***note: heights may change. Some heights are...
  18. RICHARDSON | Caruth TOD

    Projects and Construction
    Another huge mixed-use development is on the drawing boards in Richardson Steve Brown September 25, 2014 Full Article From GFF: More about the development, including construction dates here. Additionally, The Spring Creek nature area has recently been doubled in size. Read about it...
  19. MOUNT VERNON | 42 Broad Street West | 236ft | 72m | 16 fl | Prep

    NYC Suburbs, Long Island & SW CT
    MV Daily Voice: Mount Vernon To Break Ground On $85M West Broad Street Development the height figure is from a diagram on this pdf: rendering:
  20. New Sidewalk Sheds for City Construction Projects

    New York City
    See Four Bold New Designs for New York City's Ubiquitous Sidewalk Sheds finalists: Gannett Fleming Engineers and Architects Francis Cauffman Gensler PBDW Architects and Anastos Engineering Associates.