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  1. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    Nova York | New York - Estados Unidos da América Nova Iorque ou Nova York (em inglês: New York) é a cidade mais populosa dos Estados Unidos e o centro da Região Metropolitana de Nova Iorque, uma das áreas metropolitanas mais populosas do mundo. É também a terceira cidade mais populosa da...
  2. Completed Projects
    Name: Burj Views Location: Burj Dubai Development Floors: ? Height: ? Use: Residential
  3. Urban Planning
    Downtowns and Urban Centers - Compiled Threads **WARNING! this is somewhat long, and maybe some of you know it already. while following the ongoings back home especially the series of typhoons that devastated several provinces especially aurora and quezon, i read an article somewhere about...
  4. City of Los Angeles
    This will highlight some of the new development projects in downtown LA. Most of these projects are either approved, planned or in development, however some of these project's status is unknown... but are possible given the revitalization of downtown and the increase in demand for both...
  5. Completed Projects
    Name: The Oldtown (@ Burj Dubai) Size: 3.7 million sqft Construction Start: 2004 Construction End: 2006 Emaar recreates past by launching The Old Town Emaar Properties announced the launch of The Old Town, the traditionally designed community that successfully...
  6. Completed Projects
    Name: Burj Dubai Location: SZR Floors: 160+ Height: 800+ (maybe 950 or even 1000) Use: Residential, COmmercial, Hotel Construction Start: March 2004 Construction End: Late 2007 to 2008 part of a huge development including dubai mall (the world's largest), the residences (9 towers launched so...
201-206 of 206 Results