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  1. Completed Projects
    I saw some of these photos recently and had to share them because I am just stunned at the height. The first one is the JW Marriott in Dubai. Just WOW! I have seen some shots of it, but this aerial shot is unreal. The tallest hotel in the world...
  2. Skyscrapers
    Video description: The Tallest Building in The World (Burj Khalifa) You can directly visit your location of interest: Key inventions: Obstacles to a skyscraper: Revolutionary Care:
  3. Thread Archive
    This tower will unfortuntely never be realised. The focus for this design was making the building as environmentally conscious as possible. The design featured a whole series of green features including an array of photovoltaic panels as well as a series of wind turbines to be hidden within the...
  4. DN Archives
    Height: 818m Floors: 162 Use: Mixed (hotel, res and office) Architect: SOM Developer: Emaar ---------------------------------------------------------- I felt a new thread for this project was necessarily because of the insane amount of non-stop drivel being posted in the previous one. The...
1-5 of 6 Results