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  1. Projects
    Anyone with information about the current upgrade taking place at Montclair Mall, South of Durban
  2. Business, Economy and Services
    Wonder if they'll have more success than Virgin Mobile? Orange wants to take on MTN, Vodacom, Cell C and Telkom Mobile June 13, 2013 Gareth Vorster Orange Horizons CEO, Sébastien Crozier says that French based global operator Orange wants to be virtual mobile operator (MVNO) in South Africa...
  3. Skyscrapers
    I believe many African cities got a very beautiful skyline! Durban copy right of Cape Town Courtesy of Dirk Daniel Luanda courtesy of Luis Paderla Cairo copy right photography blogger!
  4. AMBA / La Plata
    No es "EL" proyecto, pero imagino que para Ituzaingo es relevante. Por eso abro el hilo. UBICACIÓN Ubicación:Mansilla y Camacuá, Ituzaingo Destino: residencial. Superficie: 8500m2. Caracteristicas: 2 edificios de 7 pisos de perímetro libre de 21 metros de altura. Desarrollador: ROMAY...
  5. Africa: Photo Galleries
    A Rate our Talls thread was opened and was successful (thank Dennis, he actually started the thread, not me.) I want to open a Rate our Skylines thread to see how it goes. Post pictures of skylines of any African city over 150,000. Make sure there are at least 10 -15 posts between each skyline...
  6. Discussion
    The city of Durban has undergone radical changes in the past 10 years. A large part of the business sector has moved to Umhlanga Ridge in the North, which in turn has exploded with new developments, both commercial and residential. So it turns out that not all sectors of the housing market have...
  7. Discussion
    The old waterworld site is owned by the city. they currently have plans to develop it after the world cup. its an enormous piece of land opening right onto the new promenade with an amazing beach in front of it. what do you think should happen to the site? hotels? apartments? towers or dense low...
  8. Africa: Photo Galleries
    It seems like our fellow African brothers do not know this city or have just heard about it, so I took an opportunity to show what is happening.
  9. Urban Showcase
    I spent 3 nights with my family in the City of Durban in South Africa from the 24th to the 27th of September 2009. The weather w!!!as not on our side most of our time. Enjoy!!!
  10. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    Wikipedia : Durban (Zulu: eThekwini) is the second most populous city in South Africa, forming part of the eThekwini metropolitan municipality. It is the largest city in KwaZulu-Natal and is famous as the busiest port in Africa. It is also a major centre of tourism due to the city's warm...
  11. Sporting Infrastructure and Events
    Hey guys its time again for a new one, link back to Part 4 below
  12. Projects
    Name: Durban Station Location: Durban CBD Use: Multimodal transport hub (Rail and Bus) Architects: Sakhisizwe Architects The redevelopment is currently underway to the value of R100m. This is for use during the 2010 world cup as well as long thereafter. This train station is opposite Kingsmead...
  13. Projects
    Name: Langa Sun Hotel Use: Four or Five Star Hotel Floors: 32 Status: Proposed Location: Situated on old Alexandra Hotel site in the Durban Point (former site of the San Raphael apartment tower development that was canned two years ago) Luxury hotel boost for Point Suren Naidoo -- The...
  14. Discussion
    lets start over Last thread
  15. Sporting Infrastructure and Events
    Time for a new thread, the other one is huge now. As always here is the link to the old thread
  16. Projects
    The Durban beachfront redevelopment is focussed on redesigning the public spaces of the beachfront from Ushaka in the south, to Country club beach in the north. It's a mamouth project spread over 4.5km. There will be key focus nodes namely: Addington South Beach New Pier Diary beach And the...
  17. Transport and Infrastructure
    The new station is over the railway lines opposite the new Moses Mabhida stadium. What do you guys think of the look? Thanx to BettiBlue for the renders.
  18. Subways and Urban Transport
    Durban station on track for 2010 Durban - Durban's new R140 million railway station for the 2010 World Cup will be completed by September 2009, Metrorail said on Tuesday. Regional manager Dumi Dube, said Metrorail was on track for the World Cup and that the new station would not only service...
  19. Projects
    Name: Warwick mall Location: Warwick Junction, Durban CBD Use: Retail - 40,000m2 Great mixed use development combining retail and intermodal transport facilities based around the warwick bus/taxi terminus and including the warwick train station. Over 1 million commuters pass through this point...
1-19 of 33 Results