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  1. Airports
    The final masterplain of T2,CTU ( Chengdu shuangliu international airport) .with one broadnew runway and terminal , are supposed to finish until the end of 2009:):cheers:
  2. Airports
    Hub right on track, now for the Maglev By Zhang Jun 2007-11-1 Change font size: -- Advertisement -- IT'S all system go for Shanghai's new transport hub near Hongqiao International Airport, but an extended Maglev line remains the stumbling block, project officials said yesterday. The...
  3. Airports
    Yunnan to invest huge sum in airport construction KUNMING, March 27 (Xinhua) -- Southwest China's Yunnan Province is to invest more than 20 billion yuan (2.5 billion US dollars) in airport construction projects in the next five years. According to the province's blueprint for the...
  4. Airports
    just find this rendering of new terminal. Don't know whether its final design. And there is only news in Chinese, so don't ask for source in English.
  5. Airports
    Facts: -World's 4th busiest airport at 62.291.405 pax in 2004 -Starting point of the world's 2 busiest routes: to Sapporo (9.1 millon pax/year) and Fukuoka (8.1 millon) 4 more routes with over 2 million pax. -Mainly domestic, flights to South Korea and Taiwan? (not sure) -3 runways, one more in...
  6. Airports
    These were some of the few airport terminal proposals submitted to the Beijing authority but were not chosen
  7. Airports
    I saw a special on the Discovery Channel last night on the amazing speed & engineering it took to build this was amazing!! 22 miles of high speed rail from downtown to the airport, a new seaside highway on reclaimed land, a new rail terminal downtown, two of the world's longest...
1-10 of 10 Results