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  1. Milwaukee
    So I'm still chugging along with these neighborhood threads. Let me know what else you guys wanna see. This forum is dedicated to Milwaukee's Eastside running from Shorewood all the way down past Brady Street to the south. Major corridors in the area include, North Ave, Brady Street, Oakland...
  2. Milwaukee
    Pictures from Milwaukee.
  3. Completed Projects Can not find a planning application number. Here is a link to the renders as i'm not sure if we are allowed to post them
  4. Completed Projects
    Indicative Floor Plan
  5. Birmingham Metro Area
    New city centre campus for Eastside. OJEU notice out now, BDP masterplanners. Planning application due this summer.
  6. Birmingham Metro Area
    Let's get a list together. BIAD/Conservatoire Curzon Gate Curzon Park City Park City Park Gate Etna House Masshouse Millennium Point Multi Storey Car Park New Technology Institute Typhoo Wharf Ventureast VTP200 Warwick Bar
  7. Completed Projects
    Details Developer: Watkin Jones Group Architect: Studio One Architects Proposal date: 2007 Approval: 2007 Demolition start: 2007 Construction start: 2008 Completion date: Around 2010 Usage: Student accommodation and retail (inc. leisure and a dance studio) Number of beds: 596 Retail space...
  8. Completed Projects
    After some time of delays, the second Block of Masshouse is now underconstruction (All pics by other people)
  9. Completed Projects
    260 flats, 749 student bedsits with retail (A1), food & drink (A3), health & fitness (D2) in blocks up to 12 storeys. Developer: Eastside Partnership (Nominee Company Ltd/Taylor Woodrow Dev. Ltd/Unite Integrated Solutions) Architects: Aedas Architects Status: Under Construction Planning ref...
  10. Completed Projects
    Aston University I thought it deserved its own thread given its plans! :) Blocks A & B below - will post more info later. Looks like they'll be touching 60m and the overall scheme is huge! :banana:
  11. Completed Projects
    and the good news keeps on coming. Thanks Key :) Entry 1 Entry 2 Entry 3 Entry 4 Entry 5 Entry 6
  12. Birmingham Metro Area New mixed use quarter 15.24 acres incorporating canal basin and adjactent to proposed City Park Potential for over 90,000 sq m of mixed use development to include a minimum of 55,000 sq m of offices and 160 residential units to create a new urban community.
  13. Birmingham Metro Area
    well, it would seem that yes, its a shock but these guys have been in talks with BCC for over a year now ...and whats more.......THE COUNCIL SUPPORTS ITS!!! Lets give it an official thread KEEP IT HERE
  14. Birmingham Metro Area
    This is the thread for all things DIGBETH. From yesterday.
  15. Birmingham Metro Area
    Apologies if someone's done this allready, but I can't find it... £550m plan to transform city Dec 12 2005 By Mail Reporter SEVEN thousand jobs are set to be created by the construction of Martineau Galleries in the next phase of the regeneration of Birmingham city centre. The...
  16. Completed Projects
    Seeing as this thread got deleted as well I'll start a new one. I took some pics today from the area but it would make sense to post up some of my older construction pics so that they appear in order. Here's the rendering on the hoardings while I sort out some photo's :uh:
  17. Birmingham Metro Area
    Curzon call Architect Hamilton Associates will this month submit its Curzon Park masterplan in Birmingham for planning permission. 1 July, 2005 The 10-acre site includes 72,000 m2 of office space, 40,000 m2 of mixed residential tenure, a 300-bed hotel and a mix of cafes, restaurants...
1-18 of 18 Results