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  1. Can Ethiopia really be Africa's China?

    Economic & Social Issues
    Ethiopia is the only country in Africa left with the potential to have the amazing economic transformation of China according to experts. However, time is running out, fast. These are the major things in my opinion that need to be addressed: Work Culture: Although wages are pretty low...
  2. The new National Development Plan: A Somali-led Development Plan

    Economy & Business / Dhaqaalaha iyo Ganacsiga
    With elections & the end of the term for the current administration coming up late this year, the foreign-led "New Deal' will be sent along with it. Here is some basic information about the newly formed National Development plan, spearheaded by the Ministry of Planning & International...
  3. Swaziland | The Official Economic Thread

    Africa: Business, Economy and Infrastructure
    Dear African and Swazi Forumers and Moderators, I hereby create this thread as the main thread for economic news and developments happening in Swaziland instead of creating a new thread all the time for each story. Thanks PS: The currency for Swaziland is Emalangeni (E) E1 = South African R1
  4. Andhra Pradesh Economy & Statistics Thread

    Andhra Pradesh
    The economy of Andhra Pradesh is mainly driven by agriculture. Two important rivers of India, the Godavari and Krishna, flow through the state, providing irrigation. Rice, sugarcane, cotton, mirchi (chilli pepper), mango and tobacco are the local crops. Recently, crops used for vegetable oil...
  5. SCHOOLS IN ASIA, How's the education?

    Cityscapes and Skylines
    Share your High School, your College and everything nice about your school. Share your campus and everything nice about your school :) :banana::banana:
  6. Hambantota IT Park and Free Trade Zone

    Infrastructure, Transportation & Economy
    It's a project...of a sort. From Various sources: HAMBANTOTA IT PARK : PROSPECTS, OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES IT park The government of Sri Lanka has big plans for the improvement of the IT sector with targets of making it into a $1 billion industry by 2016. Dubbed incorrectly (AFAIK...
  7. Hamra

    Development & Economic News
    I'm an architecture final year student. My final year project is in Hamra, and i noticed that many of you here are intellectuals.. I joined the boards hoping some of you would give me any info/photos(old or new) about hamra.. I'd like to know how was Hamra Street formed.. when did it bloom...
  8. SUPER HIGHWAY | Arfa Karim IT City (AKITC)

    The IT Department Govt. of Sindh, Pakistan, is dedicating the IT Media City Karachi to Pakistan’s youngest Microsoft Ceritified Professional (MCP), Arfa Karim. The City will encompass a modern/world class media city in Karachi on 200 acres of land at Link Road between Super Highway and the...
  9. What Is Better For Countries - EAU Or EU?

    Citytalk and Urban Issues
    What Is better for countries in terms of improving the economy, military, and other parts of government? This thread can be used for news and developement of the EAU or EU. The Eurasian Union or The European Union...
  10. SOMCABLE | $35 million USD - marine cable project | U/C

    Projects & Construction/ Mashaariic iyo Dhismaha
    2012 - SOMCABLE begins deploying of cable fiber
  11. Noticias sobre economía

    Otros temas | Actualidad social, económica, etc.
    Existe una Crisis. Pero esta crisis no es la misma crisis que las muy estudiadas crisis del siglo XIX y XX, esta tiene otras caracteristicas. Pienso que todos nos damos cuenta que los politicos manejan la crisis con valores economicos con manuales del pasado. Es posible que Internet no este...
  12. The Real Size of African Economies

    Africa: Business, Economy and Infrastructure
    For some time it has been becoming more and more obvious to me that the GDP numbers used to gauge the size of many African economies are nonsense. Most African economies are significantly bigger than the GDP numbers let on. Some of you might wonder how this is possible given the "amazing...
  13. Cameroon | Infrastructure, Economy and Business thread

    Africa: Business, Economy and Infrastructure
    Thread for Infrastructure development projects under construction on various sectors of economy and business(energy,transport,mines,...) in cameroon.
  14. New by-pass for key Swazi airport link

    Africa: Business, Economy and Infrastructure
  15. Mali | Infrastructure, Construction and Economic Development

    Economy & Business
    Briefly, by starting this thread on Mali, I'm hoping to share with all the wonderful members of this community news pertaining to economic development and progress that may not otherwise be covered. Looking forward to reading your comments.
  16. Irish Economy Thread

    Irish Architecture Forum
    So, as we all are experiencing a financial crisis at the moment, it would be quite useful to have a thread like this here, so feel free to post any economically related articles, quotes, statistics here
  17. Kolkata Economy| Commerce & Industries |Corporate & Biz news

    I hope to discuss and update the commercial happening around the Kolkata Metropolitan area.
  18. London Skyscraper/Recession Play

    London Metro Area
    Hi all, As well as being a proud Londoner and a keen 'skyscraper enthusiast', I am also a Drama and Literature student/amateur actor/writer. I may have the chance to participate in a scriptwriting competition which could, if I win, result in the play being put into production. While this is...
  19. Newcastle and the North East - JOBS, ECONOMIC & BUSINESS, News, and Discussions

    Newcastle Metro Area
    Okay chaps, this thread can be used to discuss business news for our conurbation - things like expansions or downsizing, lettings, opinions on how to attract more white-collar jobs to the city centre and so on. I'll start with some positive and surprising news - that Newcastle has out...
  20. Otelarie Voestalpine la Constanta ?

    Constanța Metro Area
    S-a asternut tacerea de la o vreme peste mult mediatizata anul trecut megainvestitie Voestalpine intr-o otelarie la Constanta. Cum subiectul asta e departe de-a fi mort, mi-am zis sa lansez un poll pana cand mai apar detalii in presa despre planurile pe care Voestalpine le avea/are la Constanta...