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  1. Glasgow & Edinburgh

    Glasgow Metro Area
    You know... this is what anoys me about things like this. While the Glaswegians are known for their good nature and friendliness i feel the Reekies look down at us with their snot nosed attitudes, i have dealt with many edinburgh folks while i was in business and it extends not to only the 1...
  2. Edinburgh Photos

    I made a stop in Edinburgh for a day trip from Glasgow. I found a very cheap bus fare on Megabus for only a pound each way + 50p booking fee. The buses were very nice. Riding a double decker down the highway for the hour-long trip was certainly quite interesting! Although the weather wasn't too...
  3. EDINBURGH | Public Transport

    Subways and Urban Transport
    Edinburgh's Buses
  4. Salaries in Edinburgh

    Sorry to post this in the Glasgow discussion but I didn't see any place for Edinburgh. I am a Canadian who has been offered a job at a yearly salary of 70,200 GBP per year in Edinburgh. I suspect that this is a good income but would like a little information on taxes, cost of living, in...
  5. EDINBURGH - BT Murrayfield Stadium (67,800)

    The biggest stadium in Scotland. Home to those strange egg chasers. Capacity is 67500. Hearts will play their European games in this stadium next season as their main stand will be getting rebuilt for a 26000 capacity at Tynecastle -
  6. Edinburgh | General News & Discussion

    Once upon a time The Boy David created an Edinburgh Development summary, but alas it is no more. Until now. Allan Murray proposal for redevelopment of the former Lothian Regional Council offices: For some reason I can't find any images of the existing Robert Matthew building, but...
  7. Edinburgh | Tram System | U/C

    Transport, Urban Planning and Infrastructure
    My old thread on this must have got zapped by the hacker, anyway this is from today's Scotsman: A MODERN lifesize tram arrived in Edinburgh this morning as part of a campaign to win over sceptical Edinburgh residents. The vehicle has been brought from Nottingham for display in East Princes...
  8. Holyrood-The Scottish Parliament

    Rate-a 'Scraper
    I visited the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh over the weekend. I was desperate to see for myself, the building which had exceeded its costs so badly. Got to go inside too. The plaza at the front (the fountains were not working) The highly detailed facade The debating chamber. This was...
  9. Edinburgh-Glasgow rivalry

    Glasgow Metro Area
    I truly fail to understand the often hostile rivalry between Edinburgh and Glasgow. At best it often seems petty, at worst it seems malicious. I'm an architecture student in Edinburgh, but try to go to Glasgow as often as possible. In the last week, I've already been a couple of times...
  10. Scott Memorial | Edinburgh, UK

    Industrial Ages
    Scott Monument, Edinburgh, United Kingdom Modelled in the victorian gothic style, it is a monumental tower which is 200.5ft tall to the honour of the Scottish author Sir Walter Scott who died in 1832. It can be found close to Edinburgh Waverley Station and is in the Princes Street Gardens...
  11. Edinburgh - UK

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    Capital of Scotland and one of the worlds most beautiful cities even though it has no skyscrapers, and personally I hope it never has any, here are the pics: scroll------------------->