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  1. London Metro Area
    Joyce Avenue and Snell’s Park residents vote for new homes and a safer estate Enfield Council Monday 20th December 2021
  2. Proposed Skyscrapers
    Proposed 80-storey tower would smash Western Canada height records East downtown residents are getting word they could one day have a record-breaking neighbour. Alldritt Land Corp. is pitching an 80-storey mixed residential tower that could end up as much as 29 metres taller than the Ice...
  3. DN Archives
    A new major hotel planned for the Ice District adjacent to the new Rogers Arena in Edmonton. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Source...
  4. DN Archives
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edmonton skyline to change with construction of new tower...
  5. DN Archives
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Property Description The Kelly Ramsey Building is a 600,000 square foot 25 storey Class A office tower in the financial core of Edmonton, Alberta. The...
  6. DN Archives
    This was announced today. Construction to start soon. Not a lot of people keeping tabs on Canadian prairie cities, so I thought I would do it. Renders displayed today. Article: Images from above link: This will be a new tallest in Edmonton...
  7. The Construction Forum
    Meridian Water Edmonton N18 Official Website: Partners: BNP Paribas | Atkins | LDA Design Development Facts Site area: 200 acres Scope: 5000 new homes, 3000 new jobs
  8. DN Archives
    The Pearl was started in 2010 in our harsh winter conditions. It will be a luxury residence tower. It will also include a Wellness Centre, Restaurants, and 5 penthouses. It is scheduled to be completed in 2013. Rendering:
  9. Completed
    From the Norwood area of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, with an all-seater capacity of 60,081. Originally built as the main venue of the 1978 Commonwealth Games, the venue has since hosted events such as the 1983 Summer Universiade, the 2001 IAAF World Athletics Championships, the 2003 Heritage...
  10. Urban Showcase
    EDMONTON - Canada Chez Pierre Uploaded with Reflections Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Down on Jasper Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded...
  11. Prairie Provinces
    ------------------------------- Images by S. Mackaay City Hall Foyer Walterdale bridge Government center bus station high level bridge and the LRT bridge Edmonton Queen Manulife place HSBC courthouse and Chancery Hall City Hall
  12. Prairie Provinces
    U/C, Proposed, rumoured - colors mean nothing - but WOW!
  13. Prairie Provinces
    The other thread doesn't get updated, no one talks in it. Not even myself. So you know what? I'm going to do this myself. So I welcome you to the new Edmonton Construction thread. I will be expecting most people responding to this thread will be from outside of Edmonton and Alberta. In...
  14. Subways and Urban Transport
    Edmonton LRTs, Trolleys, Buses
  15. Rate Our Skylines -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Population pushing on 950,000. Canada's most populated Northern City. Beautiful. Home of...
1-15 of 15 Results