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  1. Infrastruktúra és gazdaság
  2. Calicut
    I am looking if someone can through some insights on good schools in Calicut area where a Middle and high school kids can continue their schooling after returning from USA. They don't know hindi or Malayalam now. So looking if there any schools that allow other languages to continue their...
  3. West
  4. Andhra Pradesh
    Please post and discuss all the education sector related topics in AP here.
  5. Cityscapes and Skylines
    Share your High School, your College and everything nice about your school. Share your campus and everything nice about your school :) :banana::banana:
  6. Kerala
    Malappuram, once considered as backward in education has become the land of higher education enthusiasts. It is being transformed to an education hub of Kerala with many institutions of national and state level prominence getting established here. The progress that Malappuram has achieved in the...
  7. Newcastle Metro Area
    Richardson Road Student Accommodation to be demolished. Ricky on the road to ruins Wills Robinson and Kat Bannon, November 28th 2011, Courier Online Richardson Road is to be demolished as part of University Accommodation Strategy. I never lived there myself, but had a lot of good (great)...
  8. Completed Projects
    Photographed 15th August 2011. .
  9. Казань
    Проскакивает много проектов, связанных с формированием КФУ, проблемы школ и пр. Предлагаю отдельную тему. ------------------------------------ Названы лучшие школы Казани по результатам ЕГЭ-2011 Казанские школьники сдали ЕГЭ лучше, чем в прошлом году. Об этом сообщил сегодня на деловом...
  10. Architecture
    Hello Everyone, The Indian Education Megaproject is a project that will build 30,000 New Schools across 28 States and 7 Union Territories in India by 2023. The project is the worlds largest Green Construction Project as it uses Naturally available building materials to build the 30,000 New...
  11. Инфраструктура
    Недавно было предложение создать новый топик по этой теме :) Начну со снимка текущего состояние строящегося корпуса НГТУ, правда через стекло получилось коряво. Окна все вставлены, идет монтаж теплоизоляции.
  12. National Transportation and Infrastructure
    High guys, i started this thread so you can post photos and info about schools in iran so we can get a feel of the atmosphere of how schools are (unfortunentaly i dont think they are very good, in various reasons). also, it would be nice if you post info and photos of schools underconstruction...
  13. Projects and Construction
    3AG Global Resources is the first choice in international higher education placement,we guarantee a stress free process applications until you are fully settled in the institution of your choice at 3AG,Your career pathways are diligently discussed with the best options carefully scrutinized to...
  14. Completed Projects
    INTO Newcastle University Height: Unknown Floors: 7/7/4 Architect: Faulknerbrowns Architects Developer: INTO University Partnership Ltd Development Details: - Erection of 5 to 7 storey building on the site of Joseph Cowen House and Old Forge Buildings to create student residential...
  15. Business, Economy and Services
    GSB Executive Education amongst the best worldwide 21 June 2010 UCT's Graduate School of Business (GSB) can now count itself among the best on the planet, after placing 49th in the world for customised programmes on the Financial Times' executive education custom ranking for 2010. This is...
  16. Комплексное строительство
    Строительство кампуса Южного Федерального Университета. Уже много времени прошло после того как объявили о планах строительства нового кампуса. Уже мелькало куча рендеров, и статей. Но никто эту тему так и не собирается открывать... Даже монополист xfury. :) Пришлось мне. Предлагаю скидывать...
  17. Хабаровск
    Дальневосточный Гуманитарный Университет.
  18. Newcastle Metro Area
    Share your favourite/best loved/most interesting books.
  19. Completed Projects
    New city school to be build on Hunters Moor Hospital site Dec 2 2009 by Tom Mullen, The Journal A VICTORIAN hospital is to be demolished to make way for a new school on the edge of Newcastle city centre. The disused buildings of Hunters Moor Hospital, which have been empty since 2007, will...