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  1. General Egypt
    Both Amr Moussa and Abol Fotoh, the 2 strongest Egyptian candidates have proposed this project... i found this video explaining more...
  2. Transport & Infrastructure
    Source: BBC News Here is a picture of the site: Additional sources: Wikipedia Zawya
  3. Completed
    BORG EL ARAB STADIUM Location : Egypt/Alexandria Capacity : 86,000 Built : 2006 seats : all-seater [click image to enlarge] [click image to enlarge] [click image to enlarge] [click image to enlarge] :)
  4. Transport & Infrastructure
    تصور نهائي للمرحلة الأولي للخط الرابع لمترو الانفاق __________________ محافظ 6 أكتوبر: الخط الرابع لمترو الأنفاق يصل للمحافظة في 2016 __________________ الخط الرابع...
  5. Egypt
    I think this amazing city deserves a thread of its own. Cairo is Cairo and Giza is Giza. :) Giza (Arabic: الجيزة‎ Al J(Ǧ)īza), sometimes spelt G(J)izah, is the third largest city in Egypt. It is located on the west bank of the Nile River, some 20 km (12.43 mi) southwest of central Cairo...
  6. Egypt
    Yup Yup the title explains it all :D I avoided using the word Zoo to make it more general?
  7. Egypt
    Post pictures of Nubian villages and houses. :cheers:
  8. General Middle East Discussion
    Salam ME forumers, I am looking for your Amazing pictures to be submitted to a Photo competition of Images from the Arab world. The pictures can be of cityscapes, people, things, nature, etc. The competition is run by the Arab Development Initiative and will be showcased on their Facebook page...
  9. Egypt
    Inspired by Tunisia, numerous groups have arranged for this protest in Egypt scheduled for the 25th of January, and they picked this date for a reason. The 25th of January is a National Holiday, “Police Day”. Also, during the past week, 9 Egyptians have set themselves on fire, with one dying...
  10. Путовања и репортаже
  11. The Urban Tourist and Much More
    Hi, I'm just wondering here, how impressive are the Pyramids of Giza and other places in Egypt for you?? How are they in comparison to other tourist attractions?? this question is mainly for people who have travelled to many places and has experianced many other destinations (well travelled)...
21-32 of 57 Results