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  1. Projects and Construction
    EL PASODevelopment news At last! A thread devoted to new developments in El Paso and the Borderland! As a fast-growing city in the Southwest of 625,000 with a metro area of over 2 million, including neighboring Ciudad Juarez and Las Cruces NM, El Paso is home to one of the largest military...
  2. Photos
    This thread is to post up your best pictures of any skyline in Texas. It doesnt matter what city, big or small, all are welcome. you can post your pictures or one's you find (as long as your credit them). ill start it off here with one from houston
  3. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    O Texas é um dos 50 estados dos Estados Unidos, localizado na região sul do país. Possui como limites o estado de Oklahoma ao norte, Novo México ao oeste, Arkansas ao nordeste, Louisiana ao leste e pelo México ao Sul. O apelido do Texas é Lone Star State, por causa da estrela solitária na...
1-3 of 3 Results