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  1. Photo section
    Hi Guys .. Video : drone: DJI Phantom 3 satndard: Location : google maps link :cheers: Thank you :)
  2. Thread Archive
    Emirates Harbour is a high profile luxury development not currently available in the region at the gate to Abu Dhabi Emirates Palace. In brief, this project is intended to house a mixed use scheme comprising of an extensive up market souq, luxury serviced apartments, 5-star hotel facility, spa...
  3. Ajman
    Location is the M plot in Emirates City. We don't have a design yet but the plot was excavated a long time ago. I thought about opening this thread that we can post pictures and news regarding this mall in here. construction pictures by Imre
  4. Ajman
    Location is the plot B20 infos:
  5. Ajman
    Location is on plot B17. 26/01/09 Imre Solt Source:
  6. Ajman
    Location: Plot C04 Information:
  7. Ajman
    Location: Plot B18 Information:
  8. Aeroclub Venezuela
    Bueno decidi abrir este thread por que me parece que esta aerolinea tambien merece nuestros comentarios! la verdad a mi en lo particular me encanta esta aerolinea.. aqui les dejo algunas foticos.. Espero verla algun dia en maiqueita o por que no en SVVA.. :nuts: B-777 A330 A380 a medio...
  9. Ajman
    Location: CC05 Homepage:
  10. Ajman
    Location: Plot C05 Information:
  11. Ajman
    #GROUND WORK: BSEL FAYROOZ TOWER, 49F Res (Emirates City) renders: Location: Plot D13 Homepage: Site pic:
  12. Ajman
    This tower is part of the BSEL JAWAHIR AL EMARAT project in Emirates City. Location: Plot D14 Homepage: Information:
  13. Ajman
    posted by Imre: Location: Plot D18 Information:
  14. Ajman
    Location: Plot HB20 Very detailed information:
  15. Ajman
    Location: Information:
  16. Ajman
    Location: Information here:
  17. Ajman
    Location: Plot A15 Information:
1-19 of 32 Results