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  1. New York

    Empire State Building
  2. Scale Models
    For new models, go to Here's the best (and pretty much only) source for free paper skyscraper models. Each is a result of hours of hard work as well as trial and error. All of my models are precisely scaled at 1:1700 or 142ft per inch and 50cm per pixel, so you can compare...
  3. Member Designs
    I began this project after the attacks of September 11. My original intention was to model the skyline of the southern tip of Manhattan and the further the work advenced, I got carried away and ending with the model presented here. It took me a little over a year to complete a first draft during...
  4. Ciudades | Proyectos del resto del mundo
    Curioso y un honor:
  5. New York City Area Photos
    The Empire State Building Empire State Building by Nick Nishizaka Photography, on Flickr The Empire State Building is today the best-known symbol of New York City. Its name, Its profile, and the view from its summit are' familiar the world over, and a visit to New York is generally conceded...
  6. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    Nova York | New York - Estados Unidos da América Nova Iorque ou Nova York (em inglês: New York) é a cidade mais populosa dos Estados Unidos e o centro da Região Metropolitana de Nova Iorque, uma das áreas metropolitanas mais populosas do mundo. É também a terceira cidade mais populosa da...
1-6 of 7 Results