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  1. Iran
    Some projects in sofe This castle"shah dej" is now accessible by telecabin namaz khane
  2. Iran
    دهکده زیتون پزشکان اصفهان some really nice villas. this one is really funny because its a copy of a successful 6 story building!if something looks good on a 6 story building it doesnt necessarily will look good in a villa!but we have no copy right in iran so we...
  3. Iran
    foolad shahr to get a shopping centre
  4. Iran
    baghe goldaste is a street parallel to chaharbagh, one or two blocks to its east they are stretching the street over a few old apartments, and building an underground parking and commercial centre the u-ground parking is under the street, and the street has been completed it looks very...
  5. Iran
    post all news about isfahan's airport developments here
  6. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    Esfahan, former capital of Persia/Iran during the Safavid dynasty (15th century) is a city in the centre of Iran surrounded by arid mountainous lands. Its was called "Sepahan", meaning place of the armies. later Ispahan and now Esfahan, due to various reasons. the history of this city goes back...
  7. Iran
    ميدان عتيق، نقش جهان دوم اصفهان مي شود تهران 27 دي 1384 كوچه هاي فرسودگي اصفهان ، سال هاست ميزبان ميدان 700 ساله شهرند. ميدان عتيق سر آغاز شكل گيري نصف جهان بود و اكنون پس از سالهاي طولاني قرار است دوباره شاهراهي براي شهر باشد.نقش جهاني دوم براي اصفهان
1-7 of 7 Results