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  1. Texas
    I've decided to create a thread which provides space for members to publish information on estate homes including their history, architects, construction techniques, owners, etc. I will periodically update this thread with a new home. Crespi-Hicks Estate General Information 5555 Walnut Hill...
  2. Speakers' Corner
    A thread for general discussion on London's residential and commercial property. For specific discussion concerning gentrification, social housing policy and associated issues, please consult Gentrification - Transforming London and Social housing policy.
  3. Completed projects
    One Woolwich Royal Greenwich Official website: The demolition and redevelopment of three Woolwich estates: Connaught, Morris Walk and Maryon Grove. Connaught Estate Proposals Planning application: Greenwich 14/0086/O Homes: 654 to 684 units Affordable homes...
  4. The Construction Forum
    One week after L&G released there futurisitc scheme art Wallbrook & Beetham reveal a similar scheme in Aldgate From property week Beetham has unveiled plans for Trinity, a £700m office complex glazed like a ‘cluster of crystals' on the site of Aldgate bus station. 23.06.2006 By Claer...
1-4 of 4 Results