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  1. Tallinn
    Pirita tee 26 is 9-storey apartment building. It's located at prominent location - Eastern shore of Bay of Tallinn,overlooking Downtown Tallinn. Building has 73 apartments. Architects: Henno Sillaste & Sander Aas from Asum Arhitektid OÜ Building size: 10810m² Estimated deadline: November 2014...
  2. Tallinn
    In the summer of 2013 Estonian casino operator Olympic Entertainment Group signed contract with Hilton Worldwide,who will operate new hotel in Downtown Tallinn. In addition to 202 room hotel midrise has conference centre,spa,restaurant and 1600m² flagship casino of Olympic Group. Located at...
  3. Estonia
    Place to discuss Estonian part of international Rail Baltic project - 1435mm gauge 240km/h top speed double track electric railway from Tallinn to Berlin. County planning has begun and it's set that there will be three stations in Estonia - Tallinn Central Train Station,Ülemiste station (new...
  4. Tallinn
    Revitalization of historic Noblessner Shipyard has been going on for some time now and it now has it's own small yacht harbour. Things are now improving on the land as well. First historic building is being rebuilt,second one should go U/C in this year and in next few years entire quarter will...
  5. Tallinn
    Better late than never - thread about projects in Rotermann Quarter in Downtown Tallinn. Place began it's life as industrial complex in late 1800's producing food products & alcohol for other industrialist family Rotermann businesses. In 1940's factories were nationalized and Rotermann family...
  6. Estonia
    Thread for discussing everything related to sporting facilities & buildings news & development in Estonia. __________________________ U/C Tehvandi Biathlon Stadium. Supporting facilities,access tunnel and tribune are planned to be completed by December 2013. Construction is done by Rand &...
  7. Estonia
    Thread for discussing news and developments about intercity bus (incl. international buses) services in Estonia. _________________________ And for starting off,few beauty shots of restored Ikarus Lux in Tallinn's Central Bus Station. You can find photos & history of this specific bus...
  8. Estonia
    Place for discussing developments regarding parks,vertical gardens and other similar stuff in Estonia. Why? Because we also need greenery in glass & concrete dominated urban landscape ;)
  9. Estonia
    Topic for discussing everything related to cycling infrastructure in Estonia. This doesn't only mean light traffic roads & cycling paths,but also bicycle parking lots and innovative solutions which make cyclists life easier. Let the discussion commence!
  10. Tallinn
    Unbelievably this is really happening - construction of first midrises in future office & residential quarter, which will replace existing dairy factory buildings at Pärnu mnt.139E, is starting soon. Demolition of old Tere AS (previously known as Tallinna Piimakombinaat) factory buildings is...
  11. Estonia
    Olen hetkel Tartu-Tallinn bussis ja üritan siis möödasõites seda suurt teetööobjekti pildistada ;)
  12. Estonia
    A couple of articles from Tartu: Hääleta! Missugune võiks tulla vana kaubamaja asemele kerkiv uus keskus? What do you guys think? I personally like #8 "Triloogia" since it consists of...
  13. Estonia
    EDIT by Tin_Can: Right,this is the place to discuss food business related developments in Estonia. This means bar,restaurant,cafeteria,diner etc architecture & interior design. Do you happen to know anything about Subway coming to Estonia? Do they have any specific plans already or what?
  14. Tallinn
    Thread for renovation & refurbishment projects of both historic & modern buildings in Tallinn. _______________________________ Tallinna Transpordikooli ühiselamu / Tallinn Transportation School's dormitory. This building is located at Tulika 37,Kristiine. Renovation is almost complete...
  15. Estonia
    Right,thread for everything related to flying stuff in Estonia. You know - airplanes,helicopters etc. and infrastructure needed for serving them. And what better way to start this thread than a bit old,but still interesting video commemorating our national pride's 20th anniversary? :D
  16. Industrial Ages
    Kohtla-Järve is a city developed and grew during Soviet Era in Estonia. One of nice examples of Soviet/Stalinist architecture is a Palace of Culture from 1952. USSR coat of arm is preserved on the front of building.
  17. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    Tallinn - the capital city of Estonia Tallinn by Gedsman, on Flickr Tallinn. by Jorgen F, on Flickr Tallinn by Gedsman, on Flickr Tallinn by Slybacon, on Flickr Tallinn 01 by sffreshness, on Flickr Tallinn by Qvidja50, on Flickr tallinn roofs by ekaterina zhiteneva, on Flickr...
  18. Tallinn
    Two companies applied for new trams tender - CAF & Stadler. Yes,the epic battle,which started with electric & diesel trains tender,continues :popcorn: Official PR announcement by Tallinna Linnatransport:
  19. Urban Showcase
    Heres my start of a photothread of my visit to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Tallinn 2012 1. Sovjey era building. 2. Conservatorium and the opera of Tallinn. 3. View over Tallinn from the hill at Freedom Square (Vabaduse Valjak) Climbing that hill you arrive at the higher part of Old...
41-59 of 117 Results