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  1. Majestic
    A UE é o nosso espaço económico, político e social por excelência. Abro este tópico para debater a actualidade da União Europeia, nomeadamente as políticas interna e externa, económica e social, e as notícias sobre os órgãos políticos da União.
  2. Citytalk and Urban Issues
    What Is better for countries in terms of improving the economy, military, and other parts of government? This thread can be used for news and developement of the EAU or EU. The Eurasian Union or The European Union...
  3. Transport, Urban Planning and Infrastructure
    I've never found a thread for the TEN-T. Let's start. The Trans-European Networks (TEN) are a way to improve the internal connections of the EU. Currently they exist networks for energy, telecomunnications and transports. The transport network is the most important due to the investment that...
  4. Projects and Construction
    Hello to everybody!!! I'm looking for European Union grants for Latinamerica and Caribean for transport & transport infrastructure. Does anybody know where I can get the information?? I've been looking in the EU web page but I can't find anything, I know there has to be a lot of information...
1-4 of 75 Results