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  1. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Hello, I'm looking foward to study the way europeans used to build their homes. Actually, I'm talking about medium density buildings, as in urban design this may be the best solution for compactness without claustrofobia. I'm from Brazil and here most of the buildings are in a modern style...
  2. Architects
    Auguste Perret (*1874 Ixelles/Belgium, †1954 Paris) is a pioneer of classical / early modern architecture, on the verge between neoclassicism, Art Deco, Nouveau, Streamline and other 20th century styles. He was a world leader and specialist in reinforced concrete construction and has proven as...
  3. Architecture
    Greetings, Here is an image of a building taken from a scan I recently made from a 35mm slide. The slide was taken in Europe in October or November 1962, I think in Denmark, but I'm not positive of that. It could be France or Germany, or somewhere else altogether... With the flagpoles out...
  4. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Hi guys! I created this thread so we can share our favorites european monuments, statues and fountains Rules: 1- Only good quality 2- 4 pictures per post 3- every monument, statue or fountain MUST have information 4- every post MUST be in the center Enjoy! :banana:
  5. General Urban Developments
    In 2008, Marseille Provence was named European Capital of Culture (ECC) for 2013. The European Capital of Culture is a city designated by the European Union for a period of one calendar year during which it organizes a series of cultural events. On that occasion, several world-class architects...
  6. The Urban Tourist and Much More
    Lets post photos here of european cities with an "old town", or in other words, lets post photos of european cities' oldest parts, here are examples... Prague Belgrade Bratislava Tallinn Brussels Vienna Lets keep posting more pictures! ;)
  7. Κύπρος | Cyprus
    European Capital of Culture 2017 - Candidates - (Nicosia, Limassol, Paphos)
  8. Foto Svet
    Po dogovoru in na predlog nekaterih članov odpiram nov thread, v katerega lepimo lastne ali web fotke nebotičnikov in drugih arhitekturnih dosežkov. Omejitev ni, diskutiramo lahko o vsem mogočem, gre torej za prostor debate o vsem tistem, s čemer sicer offtopikiramo po drugih temah. Da vzamem...
  9. Fotografie
    Poznejte místo na fotografii / Guess the location on the photo Pravidla platná od 1.1.2010: Povoleny jsou fotografie zobrazující města či obce ve všech zemích světa. Uživatel který přidává fotku zadá časový limit, během kterého ostatní mohou hádat místo na fotce (2-4 dny je norma) Uživatel...
  10. Ojajôh?
    Link naar officiële website: Was dit al bekend? Zag vanochtend allerlei vlaggen hangen hiervan op de Coolslinger...
  11. Stadiums and Sport Arenas
    What do you consider to be the most traditional stadium in your country? I'm interested to see what a traditional Spanish stadium is, what Germans consider a traditional German stadium as a lot of new stadiums seem very samey on the inside, with the difference being the exterior.
1-11 of 16 Results