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  1. République Démocratique du Congo
    This is a thread dedicated to Congolese film past and present
  2. Speakers' Corner
    A thread for discussion on film and television in London.
  3. City Talk
    I've trawled the City Talk forum and I don't think we have one yet. Showcase media in, around and about your city. TV shows set in your city, radio shows about your city, newspaper clippings, pictures of local newspaper/radio/TV headquarters, etc etc. Should be good :) I'll smash the...
  4. Trivandrum
    Trivandrum is the Hub of Malayalam film and TV industry with lots of Film Production Studios and TV Channels. This thread is for the News and Developments of the burgeoning Television and Film industry in Trivandrum.
  5. Archive Masih dalam suasana Hari Pendidikan Nasional, tanggal 7 Mei 2010 lalu sebuah gedung bioskop di Solo yang dulunya bernama Solo Theater di Kompeks Seiwedari telah berubah menjadi tempat nongkrong anak muda untuk berkesenian. Nama...
  6. London Metro Area
    O.K so not actually in London, but the film studio does sit just on the cusp of London's limits. Warner just confirmed the deal a few weeks ago for 100 million. Great news for the studio and the U.K film Industry. Should produce around 300 jobs too. The studio will be completely rebuilt where...
  7. Newcastle Metro Area
    I thought it would be good to have a thread for discussions about "Newcastle and the North East" portrayed in and by the Media. YouTube clips, songs, cinema films, tv documentaries, tv shows, etc etc. Feel free to post. I've gathered just a few clips from YouTube to start us off with...
1-7 of 32 Results