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  1. Airports & Aviation
    Algérie: Tassili Airlines va doubler sa flotte à 40 avions ALGER - La compagnie aérienne algérienne Tassili Airlines, filiale à 100% du groupe pétrolier public Sonatrach, compte doubler "très rapidement" sa flotte à 40 avions, selon un communiqué diffusé lundi. Tassili Airlines, qui dispose...
  2. Aviation and Airports
    Please post all updates w.r.t. the Kolkata airport makeover in this thread. __ IU's edit: Project Information: Kolkata's airport is currently being upgraded in light of the booming air traffic in the Indian aviation. The modernization and expansion of the NSCB airport will be done by May 2011...
  3. Economy and Infrastructure
    Not sure if this is the right section to post stuff about Georgia. As there is no Caucasus section I guess eastern Europe is the closest thing. This board could use a Caucasus section. *nudge nudge* Anyways Georgia's main airport was just finished. What do you think?
  4. Transport & Infrastructure
    French ADPI project 2 Terminal of Almaty Intl. Airport New way into the skyFebruary 10, 2007 source: New landing strip in Almaty airport will receive vessels in any weather conditions, Serik Ahmetov, RK minister of transport and communications and...
  5. National Transportation and Infrastructure
    Off topic with this question...but how many airports does Iran have? and how many of them are international?
  6. Airlines
    Brazil's low-cost Gol airline adding Bolivia as second international destination 21 January 2005 SAO PAULO, Brazil (AP) - A month after starting its first international flights to Argentina, Brazil's Gol airline announced Friday that it will soon add service to Bolivia. The low-cost carrier...
1-6 of 10 Results