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  1. Photos
    OK, let me start this thread with a few pictures of my own, but everyone who participated should add his/her own pictures too! I am quite devastated as one of my CF cards got corrupted, and I lost about 50 of my pictures.. :( All my sunset pictures are gone... :ohno: Love lockdown...
  2. The Electric Press
    If you are not a member of SSC and are browsing, welcome. If you are interested in the forum and Leeds in particular, I would urge you to sign up. It costs nothing and you will be able to join the debates, post photographs and share information, whether you are involved in the...
  3. The Interchange
    Since we're planning this "December Meeting" and WE'RE ALL GOING TO GO, right? I figure, why not show our faces? I mean, we post tons of pictures of skyscrapers, why not post pictures of ourselves? Ps. I remember seeing a similar thread in this forum before (months ago), but I couldn't find it...
1-3 of 6 Results