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  1. FORT WORTH | 901 Commerce | 311'(?) | 26-Stories | Pro

    Projects and Construction
    Surprised there's no thread for this yet. 901 Commerce L-shaped residential tower, 12 units per floor, 7 level garage base. Very much needed for a pretty bare section of downtown. Star-Telegram article
  2. FORT WORTH | 640 Taylor St. | 108m | 350ft | 25 fl | Com

    DN Archives
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Renders and additional details as they come in...
  3. FORT WORTH | Frost Tower - 640 Taylor St. | 383ft | 25 fl | Prep

    Projects and Construction
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Renders and additional details as they come in...
  4. FORT WORTH | Trinity Tower | 250ft | 23 fl | U/C

    Projects and Construction
  5. FORT WORTH - Panther Island (Trinity River Vision)

    Urban Renewal and Redevelopment
    The long abandoned and worn area in Fort Worth, Texas between downtown and The Stockyards is about to be reborn with a $910 million flood control project with "extras". It will basically expand downtown to twice its size and is by far the most ambitious plan the city has ever worked for...

    This thread is to post up your best pictures of any skyline in Texas. It doesnt matter what city, big or small, all are welcome. you can post your pictures or one's you find (as long as your credit them). ill start it off here with one from houston
  7. Fort Worth - USA

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