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  1. Andhra Pradesh Economy & Statistics Thread

    Andhra Pradesh
    The economy of Andhra Pradesh is mainly driven by agriculture. Two important rivers of India, the Godavari and Krishna, flow through the state, providing irrigation. Rice, sugarcane, cotton, mirchi (chilli pepper), mango and tobacco are the local crops. Recently, crops used for vegetable oil...
  2. Karnataka Economy & Trade

    Please Post the "Economy and Business" Related News/Events Of the Entire State in this Thread.
  3. The Real Size of African Economies

    Africa: Business, Economy and Infrastructure
    For some time it has been becoming more and more obvious to me that the GDP numbers used to gauge the size of many African economies are nonsense. Most African economies are significantly bigger than the GDP numbers let on. Some of you might wonder how this is possible given the "amazing...
  4. Tamilnadu Economy Thread

    Tamil Nadu
    Tamilnadu Economy Tamilnadu is Fifth largest contributor to India's GDP. The most urbanized state in the country with the highest number of Business enterprises, pegged at 10.56%, compared to the overall population share of 6%. Tamilnadu second most industrialized state Gross state domestic...
  5. { Macroeconomic News }

    Economy & Development Issues
    Maroc : La DEPF table sur un taux de croissance de 5,1% entre 2009 et 2012 La croissance économique serait portée à 5,7% en 2009 Le produit intérieur brut (PIB) du Maroc devrait s'accroître de 5,1% en termes réels entre 2009 et 2012, sous l'effet essentiellement de la bonne tenue des...
  6. 比较:所谓金砖4国08年经济总量 世界GDP15强

    City Hall / 议事厅
    北海居 海纳百川,兼容并蓄。士不可不弘毅,任重而道远。
  7. 中国城市GDP和收入排名

    City Hall / 议事厅
    社科院称上海月入5350元北京月入5000元算白领 2007年11月04日 09:20 大洋网-广州日报   本报讯 中国社会科学院日前公布了2007年全国主要城市白领工资标准,包括各城市物价水平、居住成本、交通成本、城市现代化等诸多方面因素。外地务工者在以下基础上增加1800元。共分七档,以人民币为标准,单位为元:   一档:香港18500,澳门8900;   二档:上海5350,深圳5280,温州5020,北京5000;   三档:杭州4980,广州4750,苏州4300,厦门4100,青岛4000;...
  8. Chinese Economy

    City Hall / 议事厅
    China's Economy - News and Projects Part I & II 巴西:“与中国一起出线!” -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2004-05-30 03:23:12 点击:554...
  9. The Philippine Economy

    Thread Archives
    Gov't says 1.4M jobs created in January Posted: 0:07 AM | Mar. 27, 2004 Michelle V. Remo Inquirer News Service NEW jobs in the Philippines more than trebled to 1.4 million in January from 414,000 a year earlier, indicating a pickup in business activity despite perceived risks related to the...