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  1. Architects
    I love his work! Below is one of my favorite work from him. He is actually designing the set for a new opera. Its premiering in the fall and its about the Greek mythology priestess, Iphigenia. Iphigenia on Indiegogo: Iphigenia by Wayne Shorter & Esperanza Spalding Iphigenia website...
  2. Berlin
    Aktueller Eingangspost mit aktuellen Visualisierungen Senatsbaudirektorin Regula Lüscher und Hines-Geschäftsführer Christoph Reschke präsentieren den Gewinner-Entwurf von Frank Gehry...
  3. Proposed Supertalls
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Previously: Designed by Frank Gehry, These 3 Ionic condos will sit on top of a podium that will contain 2 art galleries and retail. Most Likely...
  4. Architecture
    While traditional architecture might be linked to craft, from gothic to modern, a lot of what schools of Today teach is conceptualism. There is a tendency that studios sometimes exist not as means of integrating core design knowledge: structures, aesthetics, proportion, materials, program, but...
  5. Ciudades | Proyectos y actuaciones urbanas
    ¿Un Nuevo Guggenheim de Gehry en Bilbao?
  6. Highrises
    --- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Construction will start October 1st. Phase 1 Now U/C: Archpaper A Definite Frank Gehry Imprint The new proposal for...
  7. Modern Times
  8. Aviazione
    Ecco il nuovo aeroporto di Venezia Marco Polo. Sò che non di recente creazione la struttura, ma comunque sia è abbastanza interessante :) Un paio di immagini....
  9. Fotografía | Reportajes del resto del mundo
    Unas cuantas fotos que ha colgado LuckyLuke sobre su ciudad en los internacionales y que me han gustado mucho, aquí os lo cuelgo.