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  1. Berlin
    I remember seeing a bunch of glowing press a couple years ago about how Berlin was going to build a network of grade-separated bikeways all over the city. For example: Coming Soon to Berlin: Bike Superhighways Is some of this constructed or under construction? Or planned? Or is this project dead?
  2. Schloss Hohenschwangau

    Schloss Hohenschwangau

    Hohenschwangau, Bavaria, Germany
  3. Urban Showcase
    Completely random Berlin Photos. Enjoy!!
  4. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    O Estado Livre da Turíngia (em alemão Freistaat Thüringen) é um dos 16 estados federais (Länder) da Alemanha, no centro do país. Sua capital é Erfurt. Ao norte estão a Baixa Saxônia e a Saxônia-Anhalt; a leste, a Saxônia; ao sul, a Baviera; e a oeste Hessen. A Turíngia está dividida em 17...
  5. Architecture
    This is Graft’s shortlisted proposal for the Dubai 2020 Expo’s German Pavilion, which was open to a public tendering process. The Expo 2020’s theme is “Opportunity, Sustainability, and Mobility”. It focuses on progressing and prospering without compromising the needs of future generations...
  6. Zagranica
    Wracając z urlopu w kraju, zatrzymaliśmy się na ostatni weekend w Berlinie, była to nasza pierwsza wizyta pomimo faktu iż przed wyjazdem z kraju mieszkaliśmy w sumie o "rzut beretem" ;) Zawijamy autem do hotelu w Grunau i idziemy coś zjeść, bardzo fajna grecka knajpa w okolicy IMG_2277 by...
  7. Architecture
  8. Skyscrapers
    Frankfurt's projects in the international section of SSC have always been neglected and underrepresented. Since this project is going to change the classic skyline view dramatically, it is only fair to introduce this project to the international readers. Project: DB Dreieck (former Deutsche...
  9. Urban Showcase
    In this thread, I'm going to show pictures of everywhere outside of Belgium where I happen to make photos. Contents Page 1 1. Terborg and 's-Heerenberg (NL) and Emmerich and Kleve (D) 2. Nijmegen (NL) and Kranenburg and Kleve (D) 3. Tolkamer (NL) 4. Winterswijk (NL) 5. Doetinchem (NL) 6...
  10. Architecture
    Since my other thread got closed for some reason, this will be a thread to demonstrate where architectural styles of the 19th century can be found throughout the world. This thread is for historicist architecture/revivalism of the mid- and late 19th century.
  11. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Inspired by this guest blog post I was allowed to do I will collect here more images of german Streetline Panorama compositions: Berlin - Friedrichstrasse Leipzig - Dittrichring Crimmitschau - Silberstrasse Berlin -...
  12. Photo section
    Hi, this is an album for pictures from anywhere - own and found ones. Credit your sources and look for high quality images! Cheers. :)
  13. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    It is one of the most beautiful Altstadt in Germany and it is still ell preserved!!
  14. Architecture
    A new Chilehaus is certainly not in the pipe for now, but hopefully it will stand at the end of this current wave of a modern interpretation of old school Brick-Expressionism Nalbach+Nalbachs HafenCity Brick-Fun Pointer Architects in the HafenCity Stadthaushotel in HafenCity...
  15. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Hi! Here's a thread of old architecture of several periods of the History in Europe. I took the pictures in march of 2013, and I'll be posting them in this order: 1. Rome, Italy 2. Milan, Italy 3. Venice, Italy 4. Florence, Italy 5. Pisa, Italy 6. Genoa, Italy 7. Paris, France 8. Versailles...
  16. Urban Renewal and Redevelopment
    The closure of iconic Tempelhof Airport in Berlin has opened up a huge site for urban redevelopment and repurposing of one of the largest buildings in Europe. 88765672
  17. Urban Showcase
    Hi all :) I studied in Vienna for a semester and got to travel during my stay. Unfortunately I didn't get out there with my camera as much as I usually do but I think I managed to get some cool shots :) Vienna 1. From a temporary observation tower near the new Hauptbahnhof Vienna from...
  18. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    When I visited the city in summer 2012, I noticed that a large part of the city center was closed due to construction work. I read on the posters on the fences that it was reconstruction of a bombed out section of the city. I can't find much info on this on the net, but I found this...
  19. Dortmund
    Dortmund Kronenviertel Das Kronenviertel befindet im südlichen Bereich der Dortmunder Innenstadt und grenzt an Märkische Straße im Osten sowie die B1/A40 im Süden. Der Name Kronenviertel leitet sich hierbei von der Dortmunder Kronen Brauerei ab, welche über Jahrzehnte an diesem Standort ihre...
  20. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    I found this by coinsidence: